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What You Need To Know:

JUMANJI is a game that lets wild animals on the loose in a New England town. Robin Williams and a talented cast play through to the end to stop the animal destruction. Though fantasy, it implies no false religion or occultism, but it may scare young viewers. JUMANJI creates a jungle and caution should be advised before entering it.


(NA, B, L, VV, M) Pagan worldview of fantasy game world with no spiritual or anti-Christian forces implied; moral elements of familial love; 4 mild obscenities & 3 "Oh, my God's"; moderate violence including attempted lion attack, rhino stampede, carnivorous plant attempts to eat person, English hunter shoots at people, flooding, car crashes, alligator attacks; and, lying

More Detail:

JUMANJI features wild animals on the loose in a New England town. In 1969, young Alan Parrish discovers a buried box on a construction site. He takes it home and discovers a board game designed for those who want to escape. He starts playing it with Sarah. She rolls a number, and giant bats attack. He rolls a number and the board reads that he must go to the jungle until someone rolls a 5 or an 8. He then gets sucked into the game. He is not seen again until two children start playing the game in the present. Understanding that they must finish the game, they evoke a swarm of giant mosquitoes, a hungry lion, a band of vandalistic monkeys, and more. Each step brings more destruction to his home and the town until one player finishes the game restoring Alan and Sarah to their young selves in 1969.

The production value of this movie is superb. However, it may be too scary for little children. Concerned parents will want to know if the fantasy and supernatural elements of this movie is New Age or Anti-Christian. The answer is that all we know about these strange occurrences is that the game JUMANJI makes it happen. For discerning parents, movie choices can sometime be a jungle. JUMANJI is a jungle. While exciting, it has its dangers and caution should be advised before entering it.