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What You Need To Know:

MA SAISON PREFERRE is a French film about a dysfunctional family, in some ways resembling America's ORDINARY PEOPLE. Catherine Deneuve plays a matriarch that argues with her brother, breaks up with her husband and watches her mother die. We care little for this family and their plight. The movie contains some brief but strong sex scenes and constant arguing.


(Pa, C, LLL, V, SSS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview of family unable to cope with death & some positive references to God; 24 obscenities & 7 vulgarities; shoving; attempted seduction & 2 overt depictions of fornication; upper female nudity & upper male nudity; alcohol use & drunkeness; smoking; and, arguing

More Detail:

MA SAISON PREFEREE, or in English MY FAVORITE SEASON, tells the story of the collapse of a French family when unexpected deaths occur. Once again, Catherine Deneuve plays the beautiful woman with a crisis. Deneuve as Emille has a mother with failing health, a loveless marriage and a brother named Antoine, with whom she always argues. When it become evident that Emille’s mother needs to be moved to a nursing home, Antoine resurfaces and has dinner with Emille and her family. All goes well until Emille’s mother proposes to discuss her will. Despite the mother’s strong disappointment that none of her children will take care of her, she decides to leave her estate to Antoine. Complications arise when Antoine refuses, and Emille’s children begin to experience sex.

MA SAISON PREFERREE resembles the American movie ORDINARY PEOPLE in that it depicts the struggles of a family dealing with death. Like the American counterpart, this movie keenly depicts dysfunction and confusion. This movie demonstrates the rusty gears of the family machine without any lubrication of God’s love. Unlike ORDINARY PEOPLE, the events do not unfold into a plot. Also, we care little for Emille and her family. Thus, MA SAISON PREFERREE only parades a few hours of doom and gloom, a few moments of casual sex and a lot of arguing.