What You Need To Know:

MAGIC MIKE XXL is the sequel to 2012’s MAGIC MIKE. After a three-year absence, Mike Lane takes a vacation from his construction business and rejoins his group of professional male strippers. They travel up the East Coast to the annual stripper convention. Mike insists their routines are outdated, and they should create a more innovative performance. He enlists the help of his former boss and her new dancers to create a revolutionary team. They have only one day to see if they’ve got what it takes to make their last hurrah special.

MAGIC MIKE XXL will find its fans. The music, lighting and dance choreography are catchy. This movie also has star power, with Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett Smith as the leads. However, the plot is thin at best, with many male-bonding moments moving it along. There are many sexual allusions, including much dirty dancing, plus alcohol and drugs. Some routines are perverse and degrading to women. MAGIC MIKE XXL also has frequent obscenities and references to false religious ideas. Ultimately, MAGIC MIKE XXL provides an abhorrent, dangerous combination.



(PaPaPa, FRFR, AB, HoHo, LLL, V, SS, NN, AA, DD, MM) Very strong hedonistic, pagan worldview with no thought to morals or consequences and some New Age pagan content and other false religious elements include man makes joke about his god being female, women are referred to as queens who should be worshipped and exalted, one character believes in New Age healing and meditates, an Anti-God joke is made about God sending “men with thongs,” plus a scene shows drag queens and male homosexuals dancing on stage; at least 210 obscenities and profanities, with half or more being the “f” word, “n” word is used in a song, a couple songs use degrading language referring to women and sex, some racist jokes are made; a van crashes into a tree and injures the driver with a minor head wound, man punches another man in his private area; strong sexual content includes a lot of graphic dancing imitating the sexual act in many positions while dancers are partially clothed, sexual references are made in several scenes, two instances of implied sex the night before, no actual sex is shown, but male climax is imitated using water bottles and whip cream cans, women tell stories about their sex lives with their husbands at a party, and homosexuals dance with cross dressers; many scenes with upper male nudity and men only in underwear or pants (usually dancing in suggestive, lewd ways), and nude backside of man seen at a pool party; many scenes depicting drinking and some light drunkenness; some cigarette smoking, a couple of scenes showing illegal drug use and getting high; and, no moral standards for sex or relationships, degrading the human body as a tool for others to use for their pleasure is a recurring theme, friends lie about the death of another friend in order to get what they want from someone, and friend throws another friend’s phone out the window of a van while driving.

More Detail:

MAGIC MIKE XXL is the sequel to 2012’s MAGIC MIKE and follows Mike Lane’s return to the world of male entertainment after a three-year absence.

Since leaving behind his life as a stripper, Mike has been building a respectable construction business. So far, he only has one employee and is not yet able to provide health insurance. Though he is focused on this new direction in life, he still yearns for the fun he had as a dancer.

Mike receives a phone call informing him of a deceased friend. He travels to Miami to attend his friend’s wake only to find out it was a prank played on him by his former stripper friends to get him to rejoin their group. The plan is to drive to South Carolina and attend the annual stripper convention one last time. It’s their last hurrah before they all give up their professions as male entertainers and enter the much less exciting world of normal life.

Mike decides to take a vacation from his business and go with them. They need his innovative dancing skills in order to have any chance at competing. He insists they should all give up their old, outdated routines and follow his lead. At first, they resent his better-than-thou attitude, but after hitting up some more modern strip clubs, they realize he’s right.

Mike enlists the help of his former boss, Rome, to emcee their performance at the convention. At the last minute, they must transform the group into the most revolutionary male entertainers the industry has seen.

MAGIC MIKE XXL will no doubt find its fans. The music, lighting and dance choreography are all quite catchy. This movie also has star power, with a half-naked Channing Tatum and a commanding Jada Pinkett Smith leading the bill.

Sadly, however, that’s about all it has going for it. The plot is thin at best and has plenty of “bro” moments to move it along. The boys simply meander up the East Coast in their converted van, getting high, talking about their routine, and visit a couple of places, where more sex, drugs, alcohol, and “bro” moments happen. Eventually, they unveil their new routine that is the shallow culmination of a shallow plot.

From a pure content standpoint, MAGIC MIKE XXL pushes all the wrong buttons. The movie’s whole point is to see how far can the strippers take their dancing so that it imitates sex without actually performing the act. Every dance scene (and there are plenty) contains explicit dance moves. Some dancers wear pants, some have revealing thongs, and none have shirts. They pick women up and flip them every which way in burlesque knock-offs of any conceivable sexual position. Some routines are perverse and dominating, performed to music that degrades women and the God-intended sexual relationship.

Language is also a major concern in MAGIC MIKE XXL, with at least 210 obscenities and profanities, including many “f” words. There’s also some alcohol and drug abuse, as well as references to false religious ideas. Ultimately, MAGIC MIKE XXL offers an abhorrent combination overall.