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What You Need To Know:

PHAT BEACH pairs a lecherous cad named Durrel and his overweight, self-conscious buddy named Benny on a bikini-filled Southern Californian beach. There they chase women, fornicate and try to make money in a volleyball tournament. Idiotic to the core, it is a movie that degrades woman and encourages disobedience to parents and is very foul mouthed.


(Pa, LLL, SSS, NNN, D, M) Pagan worldview highlighting disobeying parents & looking for sex; 87 obscenities & 2 profanities; no violence; 2 instances of fornication, implied sex, stripping in strip club, sexual situations, & main character constantly looking for sex; constant depiction of girls in bikinis & upper female nudity in strip club; implied marijuana use; and, stealing, disobeying parents, philandering, speeding in car, urination implied, & mooning implied,

More Detail:

PHAT BEACH pairs a lecherous cad named Durrel and his overweight, self-conscious buddy, named Benny on a bikini-filled Southern Californian beach. Womanizing Durrel wants Buddy to quit his job and join him on the beach selling sunglasses. They steal a Mercedes Benz belonging to Benny’s father and go to the beach. Durrel doesn’t do business, but simply wants to conquer every woman. Benny is impatient and wants to do business. When the sunglasses are stolen, Durrel and Benny need money quick. They decide to join a beach volleyball championship with a $10,000 prize. Complications arise when Benny’s family arrives. Yet, Benny and Durrel play the volleyball tournament to win not only prize money, but the right girlfriends and personal pride.

PHAT BEACH is perverse, idiotic, misogynist, foul-mouthed, and illogical. Durrel absolutely has no admirable qualities whatsoever. All Durrel wants to fornicate with women. To him, women are to be called derogatory words. Every woman but one is a dumb, beach bunny. PHAT BEACH has zero plot. The director of this movie exalts this movie as having no drugs or violence, but there is a scene of implied marijuana use and the movie is filled with sex and nudity. PHAT BEACH isn’t appropriate at all for its intended audience and is full of immorality and stupidity.