What You Need To Know:

THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, set in 1870's New York society, is about an aristocrat who has to choose between two very different women. Taken from Edith Wharton's novel, the film upholds tradition and conservative values and is a beautifully crafted visual delight which will abundantly reward the patient, discerning viewer.


(B, C, L, S) An exceptional film that upholds biblical standards & that takes place in a time when the U.S. population operated by Christian principles; marred by 2 exclamatory profanities; suspected infidelity, but nothing shown.

More Detail:

The poignant film, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, moves across the screen with the graceful elegance of circa 1870’s New York haute society and manages to convey numerous mores of that society which apply to universal man as well. Although set in another time and era, the film message of human conflict and repressed passion is timeless. Engaged to the very proper May Welland, attorney Newland Archer suddenly finds himself attracted to the more exotic and interesting Countess Olenska whose estranged husband lives in Europe. However, unbeknownst to him until the Countess is safely removed from his life, society intervenes and keeps him from throwing away his future for a fleeting affair.

Beautifully crafted and a visual delight with its authentic period sets of 1870’s New York society complete with opulent drawing rooms, ornate chandeliers, highly polished silver, and gorgeous, beaded gowns, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE will abundantly reward the patient, discerning viewer. Taken from the Edith Wharton novel, the film uniquely upholds tradition and conservative values and is a careful, psychological study of its characters and the temptations that confront everyman. Discerning viewers will delight in paying careful attention to each word, phrase and nuance to gain understanding of film action.

Quality: - Content: +3
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