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What You Need To Know:

What if you could make the world a better place by killing someone? That is the question posed in THE LAST SUPPER. Five liberal graduate students set out to make the world a better place by killing their narrow-minded conservative guests. There is enough offensive material in this film to sour the stomach and taint the minds of most adult audiences.


(AbAbAb, NA, PA, RO, LLL, VVV, SS, A, M) Anti-biblical worldview with New Age, politically-correct & romantic elements with denigration of Christianity, prayer and Jesus Christ; 47 obscenities, 14 profanities & 12 vulgarities; numerous acts of violent murder including several poisonings, two stabbings, threats with knifes, arm breaking, & bludgeoning with shovel; fornication implied & briefly portrayed, & female masturbation; alcohol consumption; smoking; and, deceit & vengeance

More Detail:

In THE LAST SUPPER, five liberal graduate students kill a dangerous man with extremist conservative views. They intellectualize that the world will be a better place with the man’s absence and decide to fertilize tomatoes with the body. The audience is expected to see that their decision is justified when it is learned that the victim was a child rapist and murderer. The students, however, have already decided to continue their purging of society by inviting conservatives to dinner and poisoning them if they won’t change their views. Thus, we get to witness the murder of a reverend who believes AIDS is a plague upon homosexuals, an anti-environmentalist, a conservative Muslim, a woman who believes in banning books, and a sexist male Chauvinist, all of whom are compared to Hitler or Idi Amin.

The production quality is superior, with the director keeping a quick pace with over-the top performances. The film is filled with offensive courses, including a main dish that’s a mixture of anti-religious sentiment and liberal paganism, a heaping of obscene language, a bowl full of violence, a side of sex, and arsenic laced white wine. But, before you say grace, you should know that the group considers a willingness to pray over supper as the first qualifier for being eliminated. This is one meal that is better skipped altogether.