What You Need To Know:

In THE NET, Sandra Bullock plays Angela Bennett, a quiet, lonely computer nerd who gains access to a special disk which puts her life in jeopardy. Though moderate on violence and strong language, it also is moderate on suspense and thrills.


(NA, B, LLL, VV, SS, D, A, M) Pagan worldview with moral elements; 18 obscenities & 9 profanities; moderate violence including implied suicide, video game violence, small plane crash, gunfire, & man cutting own hand; implied sexual promiscuity; smoking; alcohol use; and stealing & blackmail.

More Detail:

In THE NET, Sandra Bullock plays Angela Bennett, a quiet computer nerd who trouble shoots computer problems by day and surfs the Internet by night. Life is dull but safe for Angela until she discovers a small computer icon allowing her access to all sorts of private information. When a colleague mysteriously dies, Angela goes on a vacation to Mexico where she meets the debonair Jack Devlin, a charming young Englishman who shares her interest in the Internet. He begins to woo her, but for the wrong reasons. He wants her disk containing the secret pie symbol. Jack ruins her life at every turn by nearly killing her, stealing her I.D. and credit cards and creating a whole new identity for her through electronic manipulation. At the climax, Angela clicks straight with her mouse and jumps straight with her body to finally resume her identity and put an end to her wicked pursuer.

This movie has moderate amounts of violence and strong language, but it is also moderate on the thrills and suspense. It offers nothing exciting for the computer literate, but contains enough jargon to lose the computer illiterate. Yet, the movie raises an interesting question: Will there be a day when our every move will be monitored electronically? It acts as a cautionary tale for those to preserve their identity and not be caught in THE NET.