What You Need To Know:

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is a remake of the 1963 classic starring Jerry Lewis. This time Eddie Murphy plays Professor Sherman Klump who transforms himself from an overweight socially-inept fellow to a thin, confident man of influence. The moral of the movie is to accept yourself as you are. Containing excessive amounts of sexual innuendo and sexual references, it is not family friendly like the original.


(Ro, LLL, VV, SS, A, D) Romantic worldview; 25 obscenities, 7 profanities & numerous words & vulgarities with sexual double entendres; moderate violence including punches & breaking hand; sexual innuendo & sex inferred; alcohol use; and, smoking

More Detail:

Replacing nerdiness with obesity as the physical feature of ridicule, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is a remake of the 1963 Jerry Lewis comedy, which showcases the talents of Eddie Murphy as Professor Sherman Klump. Professor Klump is a brilliant University chemistry instructor and researcher. He is a kind-hearted soul with a voracious appetite resulting in obesity. Everything changes when Klump discovers a chemical formula that restructures the genetic DNA of the obese gene. Desperate to win the affection of Ms. Carla Purty, Klump uses himself as the guinea pig. The testosterone-loaded potion works, and Klump is transformed into the skinny Buddy Love. With his alter ego Love dominating, Klump is confident and in-control. He wins over Ms. Purty and proceeds to humiliate his humiliators.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is Eddie Murphy’s come-back movie. He plays seven different characters in all. The real star of the show however, is the make-up magic. Regrettably, what could have been wonderful entertainment, is marred by offensive material. One expects silly and gross in a PG-13 comedy, but the sexual references and inferences go beyond into the crude, and the audience should be forewarned. This is not family friendly like the original.