Some obscenities, as well as numerous scenes of fist fights, property destruction and car smashes.

More Detail:

Twin truckers Ari and Raff’s boss is constantly on the Barbarian Brothers’ backs for being late to their destinations. Their jobs, in fact, are on the line unless they complete the next assignment, delivering toxic waste, on time. The one problem that seems to plague the brothers is their unfortunate habit of picking up strangers who cause them nothing but trouble.

Meanwhile, at Technical Star Think Tank, a school for exceptional students, Holly Sherwood has just invented a laser pistol capable of revamping electrical circuits. When the university president, Dr. Brookner, learns of Holly’s invention, he is persuaded by mobsters to steal it for them.

Frightened and hurt that Brookner would betray her, Holly sneaks away with the pistol and takes refuge in a highway truck stop. As Ari and Raff come rolling in, Holly slips into and steals their truck. A lengthy chase ensues as the brothers try to reclaim their truck and the bad guys the pistol.

With a better script and story, the film could have been a real winner. There are obscenities, though, and a man is kicked in the groin, not to mention numerous scenes depicting fist fights, property destruction and car smashes. On the positive side, the film makers chose to refrain from profanity and incorporating illicit sexual activity even though there was ample opportunity to do so.

If you want to be entertained while not having to think, or if you enjoy BEVERLY HILLBILLIES-type humor and DUKES OF HAZARD fighting and car jumping, these good-hearted albeit dimwitted brothers may make for likeable heroes and a fairly fun movie. Too bad THINK BIG is marred by foul language.

Quality: - Content: +3
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Quality: - Content: +2