"Action-Packed Adventure"

Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

In the year 3028, the Drej, a legion of creatures consisting of pure energy, destroy the earth. A professor narrowly escapes this destruction on the Titan A.E., a ship holding enough DNA to create a new earth. Fifteen years later, his son must find the hidden Titan, with the map encoded in his hand. Knowing he is the only one who can find the Titan before the Drej destroy it, he takes on the challenge to save the human race.

TITAN A.E. is a redemptive story that takes elements of danger, action, romance, and comedy and uses them to create a world a thousand years from now. A couple of these elements may not be is suitable for smaller children. Like THE ROAD TO EL DORADO, this animated feature contains rear male nudity and some romantic situations. The movie’s fight scenes were fairly tame, but contained some incidents of characters being wounded and hurt. The Titan spaceship is a type of Noah’s Ark, containing the DNA from every earth creature. The movie’s positive qualities of a moral, heroic tale make this science fiction movie an action-adventure that many will find entertaining


(CC, BB, Ro, Pa, V, N, MM) Strong redemptive worldview where character fights to save the human race & many moral elements including man tries to save enemy, man makes solid friendships & risks life for friends, but characters have an idealistic view of earth before it was destroyed & no acknowledgement of the Creator; no foul language; moderate action violence, such as exchanges of gunfire, bug creature gets shot with depicted ooze remaining, ship explodes, many explosions, guard is zapped several times, man pounds fists against walls, man dreams of being shot, woman shot in arm with brief depiction of blood, & man twists aliens neck, killing him; no sex but some mildly sensual moments; rear male nudity & woman shown in a towel; and, lying, deceit, & bribery.

More Detail:

With a premise similar to BATTLEFIELD EARTH (minus the Scientology), TITAN A.E. is a story about saving mankind from being overtaken by an alien race. Though this movie is an animated feature, its story is far more entertaining in its narrative, characters, and action.

Professor Sam Tucker (voiced by Ron Perlman of PRICE OF GLORY) must take his ship, the Titan A.E., away from earth before the planet is destroyed by the Drej. He tells his son, Cale, that he must leave for a while. Not wanting him to go, Cale protests, to no avail. As the alien Drej begin their attack, Cale watches from an escape ship as Titan A.E. narrowly escapes the immense explosion of earth.

Fifteen years later, Cale (voiced by Matt Damon of THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY) works as a mechanic, leading a fairly mundane life. His routine is interrupted one day when some unruly creatures start beating him up. A man helps Cale by tying the creatures up, only to be asked by Cale what he wants in return. When the man, known as Korso (Bill Pullman of INDEPENDENCE DAY), tells Cale he has been looking for him for an important mission regarding his father’s ship, Cale is unwilling, saying he doesn’t have a father. Korso, shows him, however, that Cale has a map encoded in his hand, a map that shows where his father has hidden the Titan craft. Cale agrees to help and accompanies Korso to his ship.

Aboard Korso’s ship, Cale meets Akima (voiced by Drew Barrymore of NEVER BEEN KISSED), a spirited girl who befriends Cale. He also meets Gune (voiced by John Leguizamo of JOE THE KING), a turtle-like creature whose knowledge and wisdom becomes useful in reading Cale’s map, and Stith (voiced by Janeane Garofalo of MYSTERY MEN), a long-legged creature similar to a kangaroo with a forte in weaponry. Together, the group searches for the Titan, though the Drej stay close on their tail. On the journey, Cale learns about trust, deceit, ability and heroism as he strives to recover the Titan, so that the human race may once again have a place to call home.

Though it doesn’t have the Scientology behind it, TITAN A.E. depicts a similar situation as that of BATTLEFIELD EARTH, with a plot about human beings saving their race from extinction. The difference is, however, that the story and character development are far more entertaining. This movie may disappoint those expecting Disney animation qualities, but that is not to say this movie lacks the eye candy that one can expect from this type of story. Though it may be a disappointment for some, the characters don’t ever break out into song (the soundtrack, however, is excellent). It is these qualities that give the movie an angle toward older audiences, hence its PG-rating.

TITAN A.E. is a redemptive story that takes elements of danger, action, romance, and comedy and uses them to create a world that might take place over a thousand years from now. Some of these elements regrettably are not portrayed in a way that is suitable for smaller children. In this movie, there is a scene in which there is rear male nudity that, though it is animation, is another aspect for parents to include when trying to decide movie choices. THE ROAD TO EL DORADO contained a similar scene, and MOVIEGUIDE® received many questions from parents wanting to know about its content. Likewise, the movie’s fight scenes were fairly tame but contained some incidents of characters being wounded and hurt.

The movie also contained an element that represented a type of Noah’s Ark, with the Titan spaceship containing the DNA from every creature that had been on earth. There is no acknowledgement of God, however. Still, the movie’s a moral, heroic tale makes this science fiction movie an action-adventure that many will find entertaining and uplifting.