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TRIPLE 9 is an intense crime thriller. A group of former military men, former cops and two or three current policemen pulls off a violent bank robbery to appease the wife of a jailed Russian Jewish mobster in Atlanta. She blackmails them into pulling off one more heist, at the Homeland Security offices. The gang decides the way to pull off the heist is to kill the new partner of one of the policemen and have the city’s officers converge on the murder site. One of the other younger gang members, a former cop himself, balks at the plan. Also, the intended victim’s older uncle happens to be the chief of detectives.

The convoluted plot of TRIPLE 9 is hampered by too many characters. Even so, it’s an intense, well-acted thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Despite all the corruption, it’s clear the story involves good guys versus bad guys. However, the movie has constant foul language and a lot of extreme violence. Also, the uncle has a drug problem. Consequently, TRIPLE 9 doesn’t meet MOVIEGUIDE®’s media-wise standards.


(B, APAP, Ho, LLL, VVV, S, NN, AA, DD, MM) Light moral worldview set in a dark, corrupt world, in this case the criminal streets of Atlanta where many (if not most) cops are corrupt, plus an informant is a transgender prostitute, a man dressed as a woman; at last 176 obscenities (including many “f” words) and seven strong profanities; some very strong and strong violence with blood includes gunfights, people assassinated, explosions, murder, point black shootings, off duty corrupt policeman beats up another man who may spoil his plans, car chase, and car crashes; implied marital sex and fornication, plus a minor character is a man dressed as a woman; rear female nudity in one scene and upper female nudity in another scene and upper male nudity in several scenes; alcohol use and drunkenness; cigarette smoking, marijuana use, cocaine use; and, stealing, blackmail, corrupt policemen, and armed robbery.

More Detail:

TRIPLE 9 is a crime thriller about a gang of former military, former policemen and current policemen pulling off a couple violent robberies for the wife of a jailed Russian Jewish mobster in Atlanta, and the two police detectives trying to catch them. TRIPLE 9 is an intense, suspenseful thriller, but there are too many characters fighting for the audience’s attention, and the movie is filled with constant foul language and extreme violence, as well as drug abuse.

The movie opens with a small gang of masked men robbing a bank in Atlanta. The cash is boobytrapped with exploding die, but the men make off with a security box, the real target. At the rendezvous after the heist, it’s revealed that two or three of the guys are actually police detectives. One guy, Michael, is a low-life criminal. Another guy, Gabe, is the younger brother of one of the men, and was run off the police force because of his violent behavior. Apparently, all of the men are ex-military.

Michael delivers the security box to Ilena, the wife of a Russian Jewish mobster, who’s in jail back in Russia. An African American, Michael happens to be the father of Ilena’s beloved grandson. However, she blackmails Michael and his gang into pulling off one more heist, to steal some computer files on her husband stored at the highly guarded local office of Homeland Security. The files will help her somehow to get her husband out of prison.

Michael is reluctant to pull off the heist, so Ilena has Gabe’s brother murdered. She threatens to murder the rest of them, which would mean Michael will never see his son ever again.

The gang agrees to do the heist, but how can they get away? They decide the best way is to kill Chris, the new partner of Marcus, one of the two remaining policemen in the gang. When Marcus calls in the “cop murdered” code, 999, the rest of Atlanta’s police force will come running, so the other gang members can easily make their escape from the Homeland Security office. The gang thinks their plan will make a great diversion because Chris’s own brother is head of Atlanta’s detective division and will make sure practically all the city’s other cops will converge on the site of his brother’s murder. Besides, Chris is a pain in the neck, an honest policeman who wants to shine in his new job and help put all bad guys away.

Gabe, however, balks at this plan. Though he was kicked off the force and has drug problems, he’s not ready to go that far. Eventually, he throws a monkey wrench into the plan. Chris survives, and Marcus is killed instead. Now, Chris and his brother are in a race to identify and capture or kill the gang members in the immediate chaotic wake of the second heist.

TRIPLE 9 is intense from beginning to end. The actors do a fine job, especially Casey Affleck as Chris. Affleck remains one of America’s best male actors. That said, the plot in TRIPLE 9 is a little convoluted. Too many characters make the plot seem even more convoluted and murky.

Despite the corruption, TRIPLE 9 is partly a story about good guys versus bad guys. Among the worst of the bad guys is the wife of the Russian mobster, played with villainous joy by Kate Winslet. Her son-in-law, Michael, makes sure she gets her comeuppance in a nice plot twist, but so does Michael get his comeuppance eventually.

That said, TRIPLE 9 is filled with nearly constant foul language and extreme violence. Also, the uncle turns out to have a drug problem himself, even though he’s clearly concerned about his young nephew. Consequently, TRIPLE 9 doesn’t meet MOVIEGUIDE®’s media-wise standards.

Quality: - Content: +1
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