(NA, C, LL, VVV, SS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview with some Christian elements; 6 profanities and 13 obscenities; extreme but not graphic violence including numerous gunfights, bar room brawls, shootings, shot horse falls on man breaking his legs, & whippings; one implied fornication scene, depicted fornication & man grabs woman's chest; rear female nudity & brief full nudity; and, alcohol use, drug use & smoking.

More Detail:

WILD BILL is a poorly told movie about the complexities of Wild Bill Hickcock’s life. The film can’t decide whether it wants to be a historical piece, a documentary or a Hollywood blockbuster. The plot is about a woman that Bill loved when he was younger. She bares him a son, but Wild Bill leaves her. When Wild Bill comes back to get her, he finds she has married somebody else. Wild Bill kills her husband in frustration and anger. Unfortunately, his little boy sees the killing, and from that moment on he swears to kill Wild Bill. The rest of the movie is about the eventual murder of Wild Bill. At the very end, Wild Bill lets the boy live after a confrontation, but when Wild Bill turns to play cards, he is shot dead.

This film was not only a waste of the viewer’s time but a waste of the actors. It is very disappointing such a travesty was done to a story about a truly historical legend. The violence, lack of morality, opium use, depicted sex, and implied sex were all topped off with horrible producing, mediocre editing and substandard directing. Somewhere along the way, you just don’t care if WILD BILL ends up dead. The acting itself is better than average, but you expect that from these stars. All in all, the film is not only a bad Western but also a mediocre movie. It will fall into the depths of a western sink-hole, soon be forgotten.

Quality: - Content: +4
Quality: - Content: +2