"Lively, Provocative, Informative, and Brilliant"

What You Need To Know:

WHAT IS A WOMAN? is a documentary on gender identity. It’s streaming on a political news website, The Daily Wire. Author and radio host Matt Walsh questions various “experts” and activists about gender identity issues, including “puberty blockers,” sex change surgery, “gender” pronouns, and body mutilation. Walsh discusses the issues with people on city streets. He also interviews a “gender affirming” therapist, a sex change surgeon, a male college professor in women and gender studies, and a female pediatrician. He also talks to critics of the gender identity movement and some tribesmen in Kenya.

WHAT IS A WOMAN? is a lively, provocative documentary. By simply and calmly questioning the people in the gender identity movement, Matt Walsh brilliantly exposes the confusion, tyranny and child abuse of these transgender surgeons, pediatricians, therapists, and activists. The critics he interviews are also terrific. One critic says gender is a vague term and can’t be measured. Finally, some tribesmen in Kenya simply laugh when Walsh asks them if a man can become a woman. MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong caution for subject matter, some obscenities and nudity in WHAT IS A WOMAN?


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Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong moral worldview where man frankly questions various “experts” and activists on transgender issues, including the use of “puberty blockers,” surgery, the use of new “gender” pronouns, the differences between sex and gender, and body mutilation, with a reference to “Judeo-Christian values” and many references to homosexual and transgender ideology

Foul Language:
14 obscenities, no profanities and two bleeped “f” words

Some discussion of body mutilation of children, genital surgery of children, suicide, and getting/doing mastectomies for psychological and political reasons on teenagers, plus a man deliberately bumps into another man during a demonstration and other leftist protestors angrily denounce the victim in a threatening manner

Brief references to being homosexual, many references to being transgender, discussion of child sexual abuse by two perverted “scientists,” Alfred Kinsey and John Money at John Hopkins University who normalized homosexuality and gender identity/confusion

Transgender man exposes his breasts, host interviews a totally naked man and there’s a partial flash of his upper genital area, other scenes with upper male nudity, and two or so brief images of female cleavage

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Some pro-abortion protestors harass and insult a journalist asking questions about the definition of a woman, a sex change surgeon says people who disagree with her gender identity beliefs are bigots and “dinosaurs,” a woman on the street says truth is relative and contends that what’s “true for you” is not necessarily true for her.

More Detail:

WHAT IS A WOMAN? is a lively, provocative documentary streaming on a political news website, The Daily Wire, where author and radio host Matt Walsh questions various “experts” and activists on transgender issues, including the use of “puberty blockers,” sex change surgery, “gender” pronouns, the differences between sex and gender, and body mutilation. Ultimately, simply by calmly questioning the beliefs of left-wing activists and self-appointed experts, such as transgender surgeons and psychiatrists, WHAT IS A WOMAN? brilliantly exposes the political tyranny, child abuse, falsehoods, irrationality, and intellectual confusion that gender identity politics has created in the last 10 years or so.

The movie begins with Matt Walsh, author of THE UNHOLY TRINITY and JOHNNY THE WALRUS, watching two children, a twin boy and girl, having a mutual birthday party. The boy gets a football and a BB gun, and the girl gets a tea set and a tiara. Watching the children play, Walsh ponders what’s the difference between boys and girls. He says making his son happy seems simpler than keeping his daughters happy. He also criticizes those who says there are no differences between boys and girls. “Those people are idiots,” he opines. “I like to make sense of things, he adds, “but making sense of females is a whole other matter.” Walsh says he has four children. He notes that, today, the culture is telling people that the differences between girls and boys don’t matter and that people, including young children, can decide for themselves whether they’re a boy or a girl.

How do we help our children understand all this when they’re bombarded almost daily with “conflicting messages of gender and identity,” he asks. “What is a woman? What is truth? Is there a truth? Can my boys really become girls? Do I have four daughters? Do I now have to pay for four weddings? Is there a son rapped in my daughter’s body? If so, how do I get him out? Are any of my kids who they claimed to be? Who are these people? Who am I? I better see a therapist.

Walsh travels to Nashville, Tennessee to see a “gender affirming” therapist. As “she” talks to him about gender identity and how a person decides whether they’ve been assigned at birth the correct sex or gender, boy or girl, Walsh just becomes even more confused. Especially when she says that the genitalia of males and females no longer determine whether people are male or female.

People on the street in New York City, including women, seem just as confused as Walsh when he asks them, “What is a woman?” A transgender woman who wears a mustache and is clearly a biological male says he identifies as a woman, but is unable to tell Walsh what exactly it means to identify as a woman. “I honestly don’t know,” he replies.

For thousands of years, Walsh says, people used to know exactly what a woman is. So, what changed?

To help him answer all these questions, Walsh interviews some citizens on the street, including pro-abortion protestors in Washington. He also interviews different kinds of “experts” in the fields of gender studies, the medical community and psychology. For example, he interviews the top surgeon in the United States who performs sex change surgeries, a female pediatrician who guides children (including giving them hormones) to affirm their future gender identity, a male university professor in women and gender studies, two female athletes who’ve lost competitions to several transgender “women,” a transgender congresswoman who “identifies” as a man, and a transgender advocate.

The university professor says that sex and gender are “two different constricts,” but they are “deeply entwined with one another.” However, when Walsh starts talking about reality and truth, the professor gets extreme upset. Then, when Walsh asks this women, gender and sexual studies professor, “What is a woman,” the professor says, A woman is someone who identifies as a woman.” “Yes,” Walsh replies, “but what exactly is that?” The professor then repeats his claim that “a woman is someone who identifies as a woman.” “Do you know what a circular definition is?” Walsh asks. The professor says he does but accuses Walsh of asking for an “essentialist definition” of what a woman is. However, he remains satisfied with the circular definition he gave Walsh, so Walsh leaves the man’s office totally dissatisfied, as he should be.

Walsh also interviews critics of the politically correct transgender and gender identity movement. They include two psychologists, including Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canadian clinical psychologist and author of MAPS OF MEANING and 12 RULES FOR LIFE, who became controversial when he challenged a new Canadian law that would criminalize the use of “inappropriate” pronouns, and child psychologist Dr. Miriam Grossman. They also include Dr. Debra Soh, the author of THE END OF GENDER, and Carl Trueman, historian, theologian and co-author of STRANGE NEW WORLD.

Walsh also interviews a woman who got transgender surgery and hormones to become a man and is now suffering from many health problems because of those “gender reassignment” procedures. The man says that medical sex transformation procedures are experimental. He adds that most people undergoing such procedures become suicidal seven to 10 years after them. He notes that pharmaceutical companies and the five hospitals in the United States operating on children make tons of money. Yet 67% of the operations have serious complications. Also, there are no long-term studies on the use of puberty blockers.

Walsh travels to Kenya, Africa to interview male members of a tribe of Masai. One man says the role of a man in their tribe is to “work for your woman,” to have children and to feed those children. The tribesmen assure Walsh that a man can’t become a woman, a woman can’t become a man and a man can’t get pregnant. They add that men and women have different duties in the tribe and never switch roles. Finally, they say that if a man wants to become a woman, there’s something wrong with them.

Eventually, Dr. Grossman tells Walsh that the ideas of teaching sex to children and gender identity came from Alfred Kinsey, who wanted to rid society of Judeo-Christian sexual values, and from John Money of Johns Hopkins University, who invented the terms gender identity and gender role. Disgustingly, both men performed horrific sexual experiments on children. Kinsey advocated sex “education” for young children, and Money advocated that a boy could be raised as a girl and do just fine and vice versa. Of course, both men’s research was fraudulent. Also, two of Money’s most famous subjects, twin boys, eventually committed suicide.

Jordan Peterson tells Walsh there’s no such thing as a “gender affirming therapist.” “It’s not your business to affirm,” the clinical psychologist says. Affirming a client’s feelings and proclivities is not affirming. “That’s a rubber stamp,” Peterson says.

Peterson notes that biological sex is binary and has always been binary. He adds that gender is a vague term and can’t be measured. Thus, when people talk about gender, they’re actually talking about temperament and personality. A woman can have a masculine temperament, for example, or vice versa, Peterson says. That doesn’t mean doctors should cut up their bodies.

WHAT IS A WOMAN? is a lively, provocative documentary. By simply and calmly questioning the people in the gender identity movement, Matt Walsh brilliantly exposes the confusion, tyranny and child abuse of these transgender surgeons, pediatricians, therapists, and activists. The critics he interviews are also terrific. Jordan Peterson wraps things up rather beautifully at the end as described above. Dr. Grossman’s information about the despicable research carried out by the sexual perverts posing as scientists, Alfred Kinsey and John Money, is infuriating. Her information proves that the LGBTQ and gender identity movements are morally corrupt at their very core. Her condemnation and that of the man suffering from the negative effects of a sex change operation and hormone ingestion of gender reassignment procedures is eye opening.

One of the best things about this documentary is that Matt Walsh doesn’t just give a one-side presentation. Though he clearly has a point of view, he allows the other side to hang themselves and expose the flaws in their own misguided, immoral belief system and behavior. Also, he grills both sides about the arguments of their opponents to get at the Truth. Walsh clearly cares about Truth and doing what’s right. WHAT IS A WOMAN? is a formidable, if not fatal, shot across the bow of the morally and intellectually bankrupt transgender movement which is destroying the hearts and minds of vulnerable children.

WHAT IS A WOMAN? contains some adult subject matter. It also has 14 obscenities and brief nudity. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong and extreme caution.