A Pocket Full of Theodores


Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements.
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In Episode 2 of HITTING THE BREAKS, Charlie’s parents are coming into town, and Randy is nervous, as his rich father-in-law has never approved of him. Local café owner Sky intercedes and recruits everyone in town to pretend to be customers of Serenity Inn so that Charlie’s father will be impressed at how successful Randy’s business is. The whole thing comes crashing down when the “customers” rush out to attend to a local fire, and Randy is forced to interact with his father-in-law on more honest terms.

The second episode is even funnier the first, and includes a particularly great scene with Randy getting advice from some of the local men on how to impress his father-in-law. The characters are more comfortable with each other, and the dialogue is wittier and well-paced.


(CCC, BBB, M) Dominant Christian worldview, main family goes to church, pray before meals, husband and wife pray together in bed, sheriff regularly talks about his work in choir at church, father of main character describes redemption in journal entries, Luke 22:34 is quoted, children are described as “a heritage from the Lord,” moral elements, family is stressed as important, lying is condemned; no foul language, but some crude humor, character is jokingly described as needing a “gentler laxative”; no real violence; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, wife’s parents have a dysfunctional relationship and openly ignore and mock each other, and townspeople deceive the wife’s father in an attempt to help her husband.


2A Pocket Full of Theodores+3

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