Episode 1 & 2


Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:11/22/2015

What You Need To Know:

SAINTS & STRANGERS is an exciting, faith-oriented, jeopardy-filled two-part TV miniseries from National Geographic about the first year of the settling of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 and 1621. The program starts with a preamble. Pilgrim leader William Bradford muses the Pilgrims crossed an ocean for God to build a new life and to worship as they pleased, while the merchant company came for fortune. Flash back to the small group of Pilgrims trying to survive the long journey on the Mayflower to America. On reaching Plymouth, the Pilgrims must find a way to survive while dealing with the sailors, soldiers and adventurers who came with them and the American Indians who live there.

SAINTS & STRANGERS is beautifully produced with a great authenticity that comes from great directing and great acting. The Christian faith of Bradford and the Pilgrims is affirmed in a deep, satisfying way. That said, these are not pristine characters. They are real people with real problems, but they have a real faith in Jesus Christ. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for SAINTS & STRANGERS because of some foul language and intense violence.


(CCC, BB, LL, VV, S, N, A, M) Very strong, overt Christian worldview contrasted with the adventurers, the sailors, the soldiers, and the pagan Indians whom the Pilgrims meet; nine obscenities and one profanity during part one, none during part two, plus a scene of vomiting at sea and sounds of people sick on large ship; intense fighting between settlers and Indians, with people knifed, stabbed, shot, and decapitated as well as fighting between colonists and between the sailors and the colonists, plus people die from plague, malnutrition, scurvy, and fall overboard, and decapitated head displayed on pole; marital affection, courting, a reference to Indians having multiple wives, childbirth, second wave of colonists tries to manhandle women and wives, several references to the roles of wives and husbands; upper male nudity; alcohol use; and, lying, cheating, suspicion, and stealing, which becomes a major plot point.


11/22/2015Episode 1 & 2-1