What You Need To Know:

STREET KNIGHT is another version of the over-told story of bad cops, bad gangs, bad deals, and a burned-out former cop who saves the day. Nothing new and nothing interesting here.


(H, LLL, VVV, S, A/D, M) Fabian worldview with: particularly vitriolic cursing including approximately 40 obscenities and 15 profanities; torture, summary execution, wanton taking of life throughout movie, extreme, graphic violence, & gang beats the bad guy mercilessly; one implied casual sexual encounter; and, large numbers of police officers shown to be corrupt--inciting gang war between the minorities as a cover for their own illegal activities.

More Detail:

In STREET KNIGHT, Jake Barrett is a burned-out good cop working as an auto body mechanic in the neighborhood of his youth. Two gangs rule the turf, The Cricks (the Blacks) and The Latin Lords. An uneasy peace reins until four of the Latin Lords are ambushed, apparently by the Cricks. However, there is a witness who knows otherwise: a young Latino. It was a much more sinister group of white men intent on starting a race war. In their obsession to find the young Latino, they cross paths with Jake Barrett. He is looking for the young boy for his comely older sister. When her relation is made known to the bad guys, they abduct her to use as bait to get Jake to locate and bring the boy to them.

On the surface, STREET KNIGHT is a movie about a man confronting his past. Regrettably, the two rival gang leaders are shown as somehow ennobled. Jake negotiates with the gang leaders like they are some sort of heads of state. No mention is made that their “business” is drug running, homicide for hire, armed robbery, and illegal gun trafficking. The gang leaders stand on equal ground with the good cop. In all, this is an insufferably long 90 minutes of bad acting.