What You Need To Know:

THE DARK HALF is a Stephen King thriller about a fictitious character who comes to life to get revenge on those who have editorially killed him. Although the film boasts credible acting performances and great cinematography, it is only a mediocre and profane film.


(O, LLL, M, VV) Occult spiritism spiced with well over 30 profanities & several acts of violence, including murder.

More Detail:

Add the bizarre violence, a long time and Stephen King’s name and what do you get: THE DARK HALF, an eerie thriller about an author whose dark half has somehow come to life. Timothy Hutton stars as Thad Beaumont, a college professor and successful novelist whose books are so immoral that he writes them under the pseudonym of George Stark. Thad, his wife, Liz, and their twin toddlers, live happily in an idyllic town until the Fred Clauson shows up threatening to disclose Thad’s identity unless he is paid off. Unwilling to give in to Fred, Thad decides to make George Stark’s true identity known and agrees not to write any more such books–effectively killing off George Stark–a big mistake. Irate about being killed, George begins to do away with all of those who had anything to do with him being discontinued. What follows is a lot of suspense and blood. Thad tries to convince the sheriff of his innocence.

Even though the cinematography and acting are superb, the movie leaves a lot of things unexplained, and the viewer leaves with a feeling of not being satisfied. If THE DARK HALF didn’t have its noted actors and actresses, or Stephen King’s name associated with it, it would be a mediocre movie at best.