What You Need To Know:

LIFE WITH MIKEY tells the story of a has been former child actor who operates a child talent agency with his brother. A little girl who picks his pocket one day may be just the talented discovery they need to help their agency survive. The movie is entertaining and enjoyable with few objectionable elements and good performances by Fox and Vidal.


(H, B, L, M, A/D, V) Humanistic worldview which inadvertently emphasizes some biblical principles; a few mild obscenities; a little girl steals from people & picks pockets; smoking; and, slapstick violence & little girl pulls knife.

More Detail:

In LIFE WITH MIKEY, a former child star, Mikey (Michael J. Fox), runs a foundering, third-rate talent agency for child performers, when salvation arrives in the form of Angie, a precocious little con artist who may bail the agency out. Mikey is living on worn-out memories in a seedy apartment, hoping for a break in show business. One day, a cute little girl takes his wallet, and he chases after her. Catching up with her, he finds her surrounded by others who claim she stole their wallets. Mikey helps to absolve her from her accusers, when he recognizes that she may be the very one his agency needs for the “Sugar Gems” cookie account. Angie signs with the agency and moves into Mikey’s apartment to escape living with her sister. Angie wins the spot on the Sugar Gems account; however, conflict arises when they discover that her father, not her sister is her legal guardian, and he lives in an upstate re-habilitation center. Sugar Gems threatens to sue Mikey.

LIFE WITH MIKEY is an entertaining, humorous, enjoyable movie with few objectionable elements. The emphasis on a mutual loving and caring relationship can be commended. When Angie is caught shoplifting a watch, Mikey realizes she intended it for his Christmas present and feels remorseful for failing to be more loving to her. Newcomer Christina Vidal’s performance is convincing and outstanding.