What You Need To Know:

LOVE POTION #9 involves a magical love potion concocted by a gypsy palm reader that ends up in the hands of various individuals and causes the opposite sex to chase after them. Most of the dialogue and incidents revolve around sexual attraction in one form or the other, and overall, the film is poorly done, crude and offensive.


(L, V, S, A/D) Roughly 5 obscenities & 4 profanities; several scenes with moderate violence; implied sexual immorality & considerable sexual innuendo; no nudity, but low-cut dresses; alcohol abuse.

More Detail:

The film LOVE POTION #9 involves a young biochemist named Paul who is given a magical love potion by a gypsy palm reader. Paul and one of the girls with whom he works, Dianne, try it on separate occasions, and discover that after spraying it into their mouths, the opposite sex runs wildly after them. Dianne finds herself pursued by an assortment of men, and girls at bars are passionately attracted to Paul. Soon, the potion falls into the hands of a prostitute who winds up with more business than she can handle. Other episodes occur concerning the love potion, including the genuine romance between Paul and his girl friend, Dianne.

Considering the theme of LOVE POTION #9, you know what is coming. A number of suggestive incidents feature the prostitute who uses the potion to entice and deceive various men. Even Dianne’s old boy friend secretly uses the potion to win her over. Most of the dialogue and incidents revolve around sexual attraction. Appropriately enough, a few obscenities and profanities are thrown in along with some sensual women with low-cut dresses. In addition to its revolting theme, LOVE POTION #9 is not a well-crafted film and turns out to be crude, corny and just-plain offensive.