What You Need To Know:

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is the true story of the kidnapping of Captain Phillips and his crew by Somali pirates in 2009. The crew and their cargo ship are going around the horn of Africa. Every measure has been taken to insure safety. This doesn’t stop the Somali pirates, who lead three ships to try to take over the cargo ship. After failing in their first try, the pirate leader uses one boat to try boarding the ship. This boat is able to get on board and kidnaps Phillips. The American Navy must stop the pirates before they reach the Somali coast, or Captain Phillips will be lost.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is a riveting, intense movie. The entire movie will have viewers on the edge of their seats. Tom Hanks does a wonderful job playing Captain Phillips. His last scene is incredible. The Somali pirates seem extremely real. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS has a strong moral, patriotic worldview. Phillips sacrifices himself in order to save his crew. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is one of the best movies of 2013, but the movie’s intense nature warrants caution for younger children.


(BBB, C, PPP, LL, VV, N, DD, M) Very strong moral, patriotic worldview where title character sacrifices himself for his crew and lives for his family, and American military saves the day; eight obscenities and five profanities; strong, intense violence includes man hits a man in the head and kills him, man steps on glass, men shoot at boat, man beats captain, three other men killed, blood gets all over main character; no sexual content; upper male nudity; no alcohol; no smoking, but pirates chew a drug called khat; and, lying and pirate loves America.

More Detail:

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is the true story of the kidnapping of Captain Richard Phillips and his crew by Somali pirates in 2009. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is an intense, riveting drama with a strong moral worldview.

It’s time Captain Richard Phillips gets back to work, taking freight boats through dangerous waters. This trip is taking Captain and his crew around the horn of Africa, one of the most dangerous routes in the world. Every measure is taken in order to protect the ship from pirates coming on board.

The Somali pirates gather their crews and boats. They know of the large ship that Captain Phillips is taking past their waters. One of the boats is led by a skinny Somali called Muse. Three of the pirate boats charge Phillip’s ship, but Phillips sees them coming and does everything in his power to stop them. Phillips is successful, and the Somalis retreat.

However, Muse wants to try again, with only his own boat and crew. This time Muse and his crew get on board. Phillips is calm and tells the Somalis they can have all the money in the safe. Meanwhile, all of his crew is hiding in the ship. Greedy Muse wants much more then Phillips is offering. He believes that, if he holds the Captain for ransom, he can make millions of dollars.

Headed for the Somali coast, Muse feels he has almost won. The American Navy strategizes on how to get Phillips out of harm’s way, but Phillips and the pirates are in a small lifeboat. If the lifeboat hits the Somali coast, the Navy will not be able to save Captain Phillips.

CAPTIAN PHILLIPS is a riveting, extremely intense movie that is very well produced. Tom Hanks does a wonderful job playing Captain Phillips, one of his best roles in years. The last scene is incredibly executed by Hanks. The Somalis seem extremely real. The shaky camerawork gives a realistic point of view to the story. The entire movie will have you on the edge of your seat, completely believing the situation.

CAPTIAN PHILLIPS has a very strong moral worldview. Phillips sacrifices himself in order to save his crew. He helps his enemy by bandaging up the wounds of a hurt Somali. The story is such a scary situation because this is a real life occurrence. These pirates are completely desensitized to violence and killing. They live for money and power. Phillips, however, lives for his family and helping other people.

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