"An Unlikely Stranger Reveals God’s Great Miracles"


What You Need To Know:

MIRACLE MAKER: A CHRISTMAS TALE is a Christian, family film about the small town of Woodhaven, and their need for a miracle. It’s almost Christmas. Money is tight, jobs are scarce, and families are struggling to pay the ruthless landlord’s high rent. The people pray for a miracle maker to ease their burdens. However, when a poor, dirty man comes through town, they can’t believe a miracle maker would look like him. It’s through the faith of a little boy and girl that the townspeople slowly open their eyes to see the miracles happening around them.

MIRACLE MAKER has a strong, positive Christian, biblical worldview highlighting the Christian faith and God’s love for all his people. It’s an entertaining movie with good morals, but the plot is predictable and the acting sometimes forced. The characters are likable, thanks to the comic relief of two old women and some playful children, but the other performances seem too rehearsed. The cinematography is visually wonderful. MIRACLE MAKER has no foul language or other questionable elements, making it a perfect faith-based movie for children and families.


(CCC, BBB, V, M) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview, townspeople have faith to know God will send miracles to help ease their hardships, glorifies church, God, Jesus and prayer, families go to church, pray and read the Bible together, promotes mercy, faithfulness, honoring ones parents, compassion and love; no foul language or obscene gestures; light action violence, boy and girl fall off horses on a bumpy trail and girl is violently thrown across the path and ends up with a bloody scratch on her face; no sexual content or immorality, with man and woman kiss on their wedding day; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking to drug use; and, light miscellaneous immorality includes greed, selfishness, pride, and a bad role model.

More Detail:

The MIRACLE MAKER: A CHRISTMAS TALE is a Christian movie promoting the strong Christian elements of faith, prayer, devotion to God, and compassion. Although the plot’s predictable, it’s a touching story, perfect for children and families to watch together and shed light on good faith and virtues.

The small town of Woodhaven needs some miracles. It’s almost Christmas, but with hardly any money and few jobs, families are having a hard time finding rent money for the greedy Mr. Booth. Meanwhile, parents are struggling to bring a Merry Christmas to their children.

The movie goes back and forth between various families, showing everybody struggles with something in life.

Preacher Thomas, a young, earnest man, is in love with Mr. Booth’s daughter, Lilly, but Mr. Booth won’t let him near his daughter after a past accident they had together left her with a bloody scar. Mr. Booth’s daughter is forbidden to leave the house. This leaves her feeling trapped in her own home, longing for her deceased mother and ashamed Thomas won’t love her again if he sees the scar on her face from the accident (SPOILER ALERT: the accident was not Preacher Thomas’s fault, but Lilly’s.) So, Lilly suffers quietly alone in her home.

Down the road, Thomas’s mother struggles with depression, unable to get out of bed from a broken heart after her husband’s death. Then, there is the hardworking husband and wife, Jenny and Elias, who run a local store but barley have any money to feed their children, let alone pay rent.

After Preacher Thomas gives an inspiring sermon about Miracles being all around us if only we look, the town begins to pray for a miracle maker. A little boy in town, feeling uplifted by this message and seeing the desperation in his loved one’s eyes, writes a letter, praying for a miracle maker and sends it off with a white bird. The next day, a telegraph arrives that someone is coming as the townspeople explode in excitement: their prayers have been heard! The next day a handsome, but poor man with nothing to his name but a dog and a chicken walks into town and asks for a place to stay. The townspeople lose hope, however, not believing a man with nothing to his name could be their miracle.

However, a young boy and an outspoken girl in the town believe this man can help him. Through their unquestionable faith, which often can be found in the eyes of a child, the little steps this rugged man carries out begin to create miracles.

He plants seeds to harvest crops to sale, he finds rocks with crystals inside to help families pay their rent, and he teaches the evil landlord, Mr. Booth, how to love again. In the end, the townspeople learn God works in mysterious ways and miracles come in all shapes and sizes, even ones as tiny as a little seed the traveler plants to reap a bountiful harvest.

MIRACLE MAKER has a positive message about God’s great love for all His people, generosity and compassion. The movie ends with Mr. Booth finding the Lord and shedding his Scrooge-like demeanor.

MIRACLE MAKER is a perfect faith-based movie for children and families.

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