"Partially Engaging Mystery Comedy"


What You Need To Know:

MURDER MYSTERY stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as Nick and Audrey, a married couple who travel to Europe for the honeymoon they postponed 15 years ago. On the plane, a man invites them to come aboard his billionaire uncle’s yacht. While aboard the yacht, someone murders the rich uncle, which leads to the people on the yacht becoming suspects in a murder investigation. The cast of characters are questioned by a French policeman and his team before continuing their travels. As they do so, other characters are murdered, and the hunt to find out who did it persists.

MURDER MYSERY depicts beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean and stunning European architecture. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have great chemistry together, but the movie falls short in engaging viewers. MURDER MYSTERY promotes a Christian, moral theme of marriage. At the end, Nick admits his faults, and he and his wife reconcile with love and affection. However, the dialogue often takes the Lord’s name in vain and contains unnecessary conversations about sex. MURDER MYSTERY also has some moderate violence. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.


(C, B, LLL, VV, S, A, DD, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Light Christian, moral worldview mainly due to a married couple who profess they love another and repent of poor behavior and harsh words toward one another, and who solve a series of murders motivated by greed

Foul Language:
At least, 16 obscenities and 30 profanities (including several GDs and three involving the name of Jesus), plus a character almost says an “f” word

Strong and light violence includes an older man gets murdered with a dagger in his chest, blood oozes out when the dagger is taken out and then inserted back into his chest, character gets shot in the head and dies (blood is shown, but the murder isn’t depicted), man shoots someone thorough a window, wife accidentally punches her husband, woman gets hit with a poisonous dart in the throat and ends up dying, characters try to shoot one another, woman gets shot in the shoulder with a little bit of blood depicted but doesn’t die, characters fall down some steps, two people held at gunpoint with the threat of being held hostage, character unexpectedly gets hit by a tour bus

Women talk about sex, husband begins to take off his pants for sex, but it doesn’t end up happening, a mention of “getting laid,” a mention of bullets coming out a bra, at least ten slang descriptions used to describe female and male private parts, married couple appears sleeping in bed together, character makes a joke about his private parts, character gives a man advice about sex

No nudity, but a woman wears a dress that reveals part of her stomach and picture of woman in a bikini

Alcohol Use:
Characters drink alcohol but there’s no drunkenness, and one character says he’s drunk, but he’s being facetious

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Detective character smokes, married couple discusses what over the counter medication is best to stop wife’s allergies, and a character drugs another character’s drink; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Lying, a teenager almost steals items from a convenience store, but a policeman stops him, character pretends to be in first class, brief marital discord, character steals a police car and begins a car chase.

More Detail:

MURDER MYSTERY stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as Nick and Audrey Spitz, a married couple who travels to Europe for a honeymoon they postponed 15 years ago. Nick, a NYC cop misleads Audrey, a hairdresser, at the beginning of movie by telling her he got a promotion to be a detective and got a raise too. Audrey, complaining that Nick never does anything to be romantic, notes that Nick has never followed through on his promise to take her to Europe. In a moment’s panic, Nick says he already planned the trip as an anniversary present.

Cut to the plane to Europe. Audrey meets a well-groomed gentleman named Cavendish who invites Nick and her to his billionaire uncle’s yacht. After Nick sees that the yacht invitation offers more pizazz than their scheduled bus tour, the two decide to go with Cavendish. While on board the yacht, Cavendish’s rich uncle Malcom Quince gets murdered unexpectedly after announcing that his fortune will go to his new 23-year-old wife.

Multiple characters are aboard the yacht when the murder occurs, which leaves plenty of potential suspects. The cast of characters are questioned by a French policeman and his team before continuing their travels. As they do so, other characters get murdered and the hunt to find out who did it persists.

Things come to a head when Nick and Audrey get into a scuffle about him lying about the promotion and the impromptu decision to go to Europe. To top it off, Nick gets frustrated and puts down Audrey’s profession as a hairdresser. The two part ways for a time, and Audrey goes with Cavendish in a car to get away from the argument. Meanwhile, Nick calls in a favor from a fellow Ney York cop to help figure out whodunnit.

Nick follows Audrey to keep a close eye on her, and the two reunite in a library as they escape someone in pursuit of killing them. How will they fair? Who’s to blame for all the deaths?

MURDER MYSERY depicts beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean waters and stunning architecture of Europe. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have great comedic chemistry but the movie sadly falls short in engaging the audience entirely. Some scenes feel a bit extra while other scenes are jammed-packed full of action and intrigue. Also, MURDER MYSERY takes the name of God in vain in many different variations and contains unnecessary conversations about sex.

Positively, though, Nick eventually admits his fault in lying to his wife, and the two come together and mention several times that they love another, promoting Christian and biblical themes of marriage. The movie also nods to other murder mystery type narratives like the board game Clue and Agatha Christie’s famous mystery novel MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. All that aside, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for the foul language and lewd references. MURDER MYSTERY also contains some moderate violence.

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