"Celebrating the Destruction of Innocence and Purity"

What You Need To Know:

GOOD BOYS is a raunchy, lewd comedy about three foul mouthed 6th Grade boys who get into trouble when they “borrow” a drone to spy on two older teenage girls. The work drone belongs to Max’s father. Max’s father has warned Max never to touch the drone, but Max’s two friends, Lucas and Thor, convince him to use it to spy on a teenage girl and her boyfriend. The boys hope the drone will help them learn how to kiss a girl before they attend a kissing party. The drone gets wrecked, however, and the boys skip school to purchase a new drone. Where will they get the money and how will they get to the mall?

GOOD BOYS is only fitfully entertaining. It’s filled with abundant foul language and many lewd references, often by the three boys. Two scenes show the boys engaged in drinking beer after being challenged by boys in their class. Also, the movie makes light of people using a party drug and the anti-drug education of the three main boys. GOOD BOYS is an abhorrent, loathsome movie.


(PaPaPa, HoHo, LLL, VV, SS, NNN, AA, DDD, MM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong pagan worldview in a comedy that makes light of 6th Grade boys using extreme foul language and talking about sex in an obscene, crude way as they deal with bullies, puberty and older teenagers, plus three homosexual references include two 6th Grade girls are shown holding hands, three boys get excited about spying on two girls who might kiss, and there are some scenes of the finale from the school play where a 6th Grade boy in the play has female makeup on while playing a glam rocker from the late 1980s

Foul Language:
At least 99 obscenities (about three-fourths are “f” words), four GD profanities, one JC profanity, six light profanities, obscene gestures in a couple scenes, a crude reference to something smelling like feces, several obscenities in a song over the end credits, and boys vomit when they see a car wreck on a freeway where a life-sized female sex doll flies out of a car and lands in the middle of the freeway, but they think it’s an actual human body, even though, coincidentally, they had just sold the doll to the man driving the car that contained the doll

Strong comic violence and some light comic violence includes three 6th Grade boys use a paintball gun to fight off some college fraternity, several fraternity members are shot in the groin by the paintball gun, one of the fraternity members slugs one of the boys, the boys place a sadomasochistic ball gag over the mouth of one of the fraternity guys, a car wreck on a freeway causes a life-sized female sex doll to go flying out of a car, a drone is hit by a school bus, a chase scene involves three boys on bicycles

No depicted sex but many often crude sexual references (some of them very gross), including multiple crude references to fornication (often using the “f” word), multiple references to sadomasochism often played for laughs, multiple references to sadomasochistic sex toys and devices often played for laughs, at least two crude references to oral sex, three 6th grade boys discover a sex doll in one their homes and a man who’s come by the house to buy a collectible game card decides to buy the sex doll instead, at least two implied visits to porn sites, 6th grade boy picks a female avatar for a game and hits a button to enhance the size of the avatar’s breasts several times, father encourages his 6th grade son to masturbate, references to kissing girls, a couple crude references to anal sex, three homosexual references (listed above), and 6th grade boy wants to kiss a girl in his class and he attends a party where spin the bottle will be played and kissing between boys and girls is promised to occur, boy eventually kisses aforementioned girl, and some minor sexual references

Boys find a couple rubber versions of male sex organs among one of their parents’ belongings and several visuals of these versions occur, upper male nudity when a fraternity pledge appears in his underwear with a crude insult written on part of his chest that’s been shaved for the purpose

Alcohol Use:
Underage beer drinking by 6th Grade boys in two scenes

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Movie makes light of people using Ecstasy the party drug and of 6th Grade boys stealing Ecstasy pills from two older teenage girls and then buying two more pills when one of the boys gives the other pills to a policeman who’s too tired to inquire where and how they got the pills, and scenes from a 6th Grade play at one point show a student actor playing an adult character in the play pretend to snorting cocaine, and two older teenage girls appear to be high on Ecstasy in one scene, a fraternity guy takes puff of a marijuana bong and blows the smoke into a 6th Grade boy’s face, and movie seems to make light of the anti-drug education of the three 6th Grade boys, who believe the negative things they’ve been taught about illegal drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Strong miscellaneous immorality includes boy steals girl’s bag because she wouldn’t give back a drone that he and his two friends were flying to spy on the girl and her friend, boys spy on two girls without their knowledge but are eventually discovered and suffer some consequences, three 6th Grade boys ditch school to go buy a replacement for a wrecked drone that accidentally got hit by a school bus that morning, bullying occurs, boy sneaks out of his bedroom to attend a party after he’s been grounded by his father, and lying.

More Detail:

GOOD BOYS is a raunchy, lewd comedy about three foul-mouthed 6th grade boys who get into trouble when they “borrow” a drone to spy on two older teenage girls. In between all the obscenity and R-rated lewd references, GOOD BOYS has some brief funny moments, but it’s a truly abhorrent, loathsome comedy promoting the ongoing destruction of children’s innocence and purity by mass media deviants who mistakenly think they’re avant-garde “artists.”

The movie opens with young Max, Lucas and Thor beginning 6th Grade. The three boys are fast friends. They call themselves “The Bean Bag Boys” because they like to gather at Thor’s house to talk and play video games while they relax on bean bag chairs.

The first scene shows Max looking at an unseen porn site on his laptop. Max’s father suddenly enters Max’s bedroom, but a rope alarm attached to the door alerts Max in time to close the laptop. His father suspects, however, that Max is trying to masturbate, so he starts making light of this activity while telling Max that masturbation is only “natural.” In fact, Max’s father is so happy about the possibility in his son’s behavior that he actually encourages Max in the practice. Before he departs, the father, who appears to be leaving on a business trip overnight, warns Max not to touch the drone he uses for work. “It’s not a toy,” he points out.

The movie then introduces the other two members of the “Bean Bag Boys.” They include Lucas, a tall black boy whose parents have just told him they’re getting divorced, and Thor, a white boy with a great singing voice who wants to audition for the lead role in the school play, a glam rocker from the late 1980s in a version of the adult, lewd musical play, ROCK OF AGES.

It’s soon revealed that Max has a crush on Brixlee, a girl at his school, but Max has never even tried to talk to her. He gets a chance when one of the popular boys in school invites Max to his kissing party. Max coaxes the boy into also inviting his two buddies, Lucas and Thor, even though the popular boy’s friends have mocked them and pressured Thor not to audition for the school play.

Later, at Max’s house, the boys realize they have no idea how to kiss a girl, which is ridiculous because images of kissing are all over the mass media, from the Golden Age of Hollywood to today. They end up visiting a porn site on the Internet, but they mistakenly go to a site featuring sadomasochism.

Disgusted by what they see, Lucas and Thor convince Max to use his father’s work drone to spy on the girl next door and her college boyfriend while the girl’s female friend also visits. However, after giving his girlfriend some Ecstasy pills in an aspirin bottle to get high, the boyfriend gets into an argument with her and leaves. That doesn’t stop the boys from using the drone, because they think maybe the two girls will start kissing. The girls steal the drone, though, when Max and Thor fight over the controls.

The boys go next door to politely ask the girls to return the drone, but the girls refuse and kick them out. However, while they weren’t looking, Thor secretly steals one girl’s bag, which contains the bottle with the Ecstasy and the girl’s smartphone.

The boys and the teenage girls set up a meeting to exchange the girl’s bag with the drugs and the drone, but complications ensue and the drone gets wrecked. So, the question becomes, how is Max ever going to get permission from his father to go to the party so he can kiss Brixlee?

The timeline in GOOD BOYS doesn’t always make sense. However, even if you remove that problem, the character actions don’t always make sense, and there are some unbelievable situations and coincidences. For example, to get to a mall to buy a new drone, the boys cross a freeway caught in a huge traffic jam going both directions. Suddenly, the traffic jams are gone and the vehicles start speeding along the road, but Max and Lucas are able to cross the busy freeway with no problem. Then, when Thor has problems and causes a traffic accident, the three boys throw up when a life-sized female sex doll flies out of a car and lands in the middle of the freeway but they think it’s an actual human body. Coincidentally, the boys had just sold the sex doll to the man driving the car that contained the doll. It’s a funny moment, but the coincidence is just too unbelievable. Ultimately, GOOD BOYS is only fitfully entertaining

The biggest problem, however, is that GOOD BOYS is filled with unbelievably crude and obscene foul language and behavior from the three 6th Grade boys. Much of the foul language includes graphic sex talk and graphic sexual references. In addition, in several scenes, the boys run across sadomasochistic devices and behavior they don’t fully understand. At one point, the boys even use a sadomasochistic ball gag to shut up a college fraternity brother when the boys get into a fight at a fraternity house. Finally, GOOD BOYS includes many references to substance abuse. In a couple scenes, the 6th Grade boys in the movie challenge each other to take sips from a beer. Also, the movie contains many references to illegal drugs. Thus, Max and his friends steal the Ecstasy pills from the two girls. Later, Lucas, who’s been taught to hate drugs, surrenders the pills to a tired police officer in a convenience store who agrees to let Lucas, Max and Thor go because he’s had a rough day. Then, however, when the two girls buy a new drone to replace the old wrecked drone, the boys go to the boyfriend’s fraternity house to buy two Ecstasy pills from him to make the exchange with the girls they had intended originally before the old drone got wrecked. The boyfriend refuses, but Max threatens him with the paintball gun they took from Thor’s house, and a fight with the fraternity boys breaks out. After the exchange with the girls is finally made, the girls return in the story, and both girls are clearly high on Ecstasy.

GOOD BOYS is a clearly abhorrent, loathsome piece of entertainment.