LOVE LIFE Reflects Urban Millennial’s Empty Journey Without Jesus

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LOVE LIFE Depicts Urban Millennial’s Dismal Journey Without Jesus

By Stephanie Speck, Contributing Writer

LOVE LIFE is a romantic comedy anthology series starring Anna Kendrick. The series debuted on HBO Max and its first season includes 10 episodes. While the series was renewed for a second season, LOVE LIFE features excessive foul language, graphic sexual content, and frequent substance abuse.

LOVE LIFE also stars Zoe Chao, Sasha Compere and Peter Vack. The series is narrated by Lesley Manville.

LOVE LIFE chronicles the journey of Darby Carter (Kendrick), a New York millennial artist who searches for love, purpose, and a sense of self-worth in the backdrop of the big city. Beginning in 2012, the series follows Darby’s eight-year journey of relationships, failures, brief sexual encounters, and other experiences that lead up to her meeting “the one.”

LOVE LIFE can best be described as a chronological depiction of an urban millennial’s journey without Jesus Christ. Throughout the eight-year span, viewers observe Darby’s highs and lows as she jumps from one failed relationship to the next. She carries with her the baggage of her parents’ divorce and feels a lack of self-worth due to strained relations and a sense of feeling unwanted by her parents. These insecurities impact her ability to be forthright and make better decisions in her relationships. Consequently, Darby often comes off as a habitual liar as she is seen lying to men about everything from her career to what she brought to a dinner party. She jumps into bed with men right after meeting them, often participating in one-night stands.

LOVE LIFE also examines the complicated bonds and life choices of her friends. The impact of divorce, strained family relationships, basing one’s value on their relationship, and career statuses are issues that are explored. Drug abuse and alcoholism are briefly addressed.

LOVE LIFE is rated TV-MA, but if a stronger rating were available, the program certainly would have earned it. LOVE LIFE is saturated with explicit sexual content.

Furthermore, the episodes are flooded with foul language. There are countless profanities of taking the Lord’s name in vain. The various–and sometimes sexually crude–obscenities are innumerable. A discerning viewer could easily be left wondering whether or not the characters are able to form a complete sentence without using the “F” word.

LOVE LIFE also features heavy drinking, drunken behavior, smoking, and drug use. The characters regularly go out drinking and are sometimes seen smoking joints. A reference to CBD use is also made. A flashback episode depicts teenagers smoking joints and drinking. A main character on the show also attends rehab due to alcoholism and cocaine use. In one episode, the character steals money in order to purchase cocaine.

The series directly targets Millennials, a generation of young people who grew up in the age of 9/11, followed by a long-lasting recession. While LOVE LIFE does acknowledge that finding the right person is not what makes you whole or complete, the series contains offensive material and does not reflect Biblical values. LOVE LIFE is not recommended for viewers in any age group.


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