How These Christian Actors Brought Light Out of COVID-19 Pandemic

CONFINEMENT movie poster

How These Christian Actors Brought Light Out of COVID-19 Pandemic

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Christian actors Nicole Abisino and Tony Senzamici wanted to bring light during the dark season of COVID-19 with their new movie CONFINEMENT.

“[I] wanted to bring something special and positive out of that darkness,” Abisino told Movieguide®.

While stuck in quarantine, Abisino and Senzamici allowed their creativity to flow after the Lord revealed the story to Abisino in prayer.

CONFINEMENT follows a teenager named Tyler who is obsessed with video games. One day, hackers kidnap Tyler to blackmail his family. Tyler’s family must get to the bottom of things, all while staying at home.

Editor’s Note: CONFINEMENT does have some mature content. Movieguide® advises caution for teens and adults.

In the movie, Abisino and Senzamici (HOUSE OF CARDS, HOMELAND) play a father/daughter duo whose relationship has gone askew.

Senzamici is excited about the positive direction of CONFINEMENT, especially during this season of life.

“Through [COVID-19, we were] able to incorporate really heavy-duty situations of mental illness and brokenness from people and revenge and how that can be overcome with God and love over hate,” said Senzamici.

Senzamici also noted that the family unit is an important component of the plot.

The cast also did not follow a traditional script.

“We did 80 percent improv,” added Abisino. “We were working from an outline”

The improv gave Senzamici and the other actors some structure, but also room to play with their characters.

Above all, they wanted to incorporate strong Christian principles in the movie.

Abisino came to Christ in 2009 and experienced many a cold shoulder in the industry when she decided to work on projects that honored God.

“[I was at a major Hollywood party] and [some people] turned their backs to me at the party physically,” she told Movieguide®.

“I just remember thinking [there’s] more treasure in Heaven,” added Abisino.

CONFINEMENT is streaming exclusively on TUBI.