Country Singer Carly Pearce Says God’s Grace Comforted Her at Her Lowest Point

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Country Singer Carly Pearce Says God’s Grace Comforted Her at Her Lowest Point

By Movieguide® Staff

Country singer Carly Pearce said her faith sustained her when she didn’t know how to keep living.

“I truly thought I was going to die at the beginning of quarantine,” Pearce told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

At the time, the 31-year-old singer had just gone through a highly publicized divorce with another music artist when her producer and  friend, Busbee, died of brain cancer at age 43.

“You can say you have faith, you can say you believe in God, but until you feel completely uncomfortable, not knowing where to turn, at your lowest — that is where you have to decide to trust that God’s timing is right and that He will show you why you’re going through this,” Pearce told CP.

Pearce has been open about her faith even in the spotlight. She even admitted there were times her faith was tested as she grew up to pursue a career in the music industry.

However, Pearce has multiple strong role models to remind her the importance of pursuing God and trusting Him.

“My grandmother and my mom have both been really, really strong women that have taught me to look to God first and to trust in my faith,” Pearce said in 2017. “[They have also taught me] to work as hard as the boys. And I think that I have a little bit of that, we call it the ‘Pearce grit,’ of just knowing you can do it and be tough. Having that strong foundation of God and having the strong foundation my family [has] always taught me [to] go after it. You’ve got to be tough.”

Carly has realized that life will always have challenges, even with God on your side.

“He actually promises us that we will walk through hardships on this Earth,” Pearce told CP.

“But He doesn’t walk us through anything that He’s not going to use for good, and I see now how some of the most horrific parts of my life are now being validated and redeemed for good to be helpful for other people,” she said.”

Pearce continues to use her platform and her music to help others and spread God’s light.


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