A RUSH OF HOPE: Greg Laurie’s Cinematic Crusade Reaches Millions With the Gospel

Photo from Greg Laurie Instagram

A RUSH OF HOPE: Greg Laurie’s Cinematic Crusade Reaches Millions With the Gospel 

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Greg Laurie’s new movie, A RUSH OF HOPE, grabbed the attention of over 1.8 million people over Labor Day weekend and broke all attendance records in Harvest Crusades’ 30-year ministry.    

“We are breaking every record we have ever set in our history,” Laurie, founder and pastor of the Harvest churches located in California and Hawaii, said.  

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the church’s outreach looked different but allowed for an even broader audience to tune in to the message of hope and faith. A RUSH OF HOPE aired on over 600 radio stations and dozens of online streaming services. The movie features encouraging messages from Laurie, excerpts from faith-based movies such as I STILL BELIEVE and WOODLAWN, and performances from Christian music artists Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, and For KING & COUNTRY.   

The movie is also set to release on DVD in November. It will air on major TV markets across America, such as the ION network, WGN, and LightTV. 

According to Laurie, after the online outreach event, the Harvest team received over 17,000 professions of faith from viewers who decided to put their faith in Jesus. During a time when people expect bad news, Laurie said he is encouraged that God is still working despite the changes forced upon many churches and ministries.  

“In a year of never-ending bad news, this is the best news we have heard. It’s a reminder that God is greater than a pandemic or any other challenge we are facing. He can do above and beyond anything we can dream, and He is still transforming lives,” Laurie said.

Co-produced by the Erwin Brothers’ Kingdom Story Company, the movie not only asks the difficult questions like “Why am I here?” and “What happens after I die?” but provides hope through faith in Jesus.   

On an individual basis, the ministry is influencing many lives. Senator Marko Rubio and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo both spoke out on the importance the message of hope holds for America.  

“Pastor Greg Laurie is bringing hope to our country,” Pompeo tweeted before the movie’s release.

“Every year @greglaurie brings God’s hope to our country. But this year of trials and challenges may be the most important Harvest yet,” Rubio posted on Twitter.



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