Actor/Comedian Michael Jr.: ‘I’ll Do Whatever God Has Asked Me To Do’

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Actor/Comedian Michael Jr.: ‘I’ll Do Whatever God Has Asked Me To Do’

By Movieguide® Staff

After the worldwide pandemic shut down live events, stand-up comedian and actor Michael Jr. used his time at home to release a new book called Funny How Life Works.

Though he no longer was performing at live shows, the comedian recognized God’s provision through digital comedy shows that he and his team had made before COVID-19.

“My favorite place to travel is home,” Michael Jr. told Movieguide®. “I love being home. It’s been great. And even before the pandemic happened, six months before, we started working on digital comedy shows. So we were completely ready to do digital when the pandemic hit. It worked out perfectly. It’s almost like [God] knew this was gonna happen.”

In Michael Jr.’s new book, he shares insight into how he found his purpose in serving God through comedy and uses stories to help people think about their own lives.

“I just want them to laugh, first,” the WAR ROOM actor said. “Then the stories will kind of open up their hearts along with the laughter and then there’s some application in there that people can do. I think it’s already kind of shaking people up in a good way, where people are like, ‘Oh, I never looked at it that way.'”

“If you look at Amazon reviews, there’s people [say] I cried, I laugh, I was moved, I was encouraged, I was motivated. A lot of tears, but also a lot of laughter too. And that’s why it’s called ‘Funny How Life Works, because life will have tears and laughter,” he added.

Although many comedians rely on immorality in their jokes to hold their audience’s attention, Michael Jr said that keeping his comedy clean was never difficult for him; even before becoming a Christian. The challenging part, Micahel Jr. revealed, was finding the purpose behind his humor.

“My comedy has always been, even before I was a Christian, it was clean comedy, for the most part. It just didn’t have a purpose behind it,” Michael Jr. said. “I really believe it’s actually easier to do clean comedy.

“Whatever goes into the heart will be revealed in the walk,” he continued. “So the key is really just to watch what’s going into your ear gate and your eye gates, and then you don’t have to worry about it showing up elsewhere. Most people are concerned about the output, but they never even think ‘Hey, we have to tweak my input,’ and then they’ll see what comes out.”

The SELFIE DAD star is passionate about his family and treasured the extra time he spent with his five children in the past year.

“My daughter, Portland, is amazing,” he said. “We’ve had so much fun even during the pandemic… I hope she does whatever that thing is that God has called her do. She is way more talented than I am. So she’ll probably surpass my footsteps for sure, with regard to affecting people in a positive way.”

Michael Jr.’s heart for his children to be a testimony to show the gospel through whatever they do comes from his obedience to pursue God’s will for his life.

“As long as I can truly impact people, I’m down with it. I’ll do whatever God has asked me to do,” he said. “My question is always, ‘now what?’ So instead of just getting people to laugh, I’m like, ‘What can I do to make a deposit that will last longer?’ And that’s when God started to reveal to me that I’m actually called to comedically inspire people to walk in purpose.

“So if you take the purpose point away from it, it would just be empty. Looking back at it, I realize that just giving people laughter was completely empty. Laughter, comedy is the vehicle, it is not the destination,” he concluded.

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