Christian Comedian Michael Jr. Says Serving Others Is The ‘Key’ to Finding Purpose In Any Career

Photo from Michael Jr.’s Instagram

Christian Comedian Michael Jr. Says Serving Others Is The ‘Key’ to Finding Purpose In Any Career

By Movieguide® Staff

In the latest episode of Kirk Cameron’s new show, TAKEAWAYS, he asked Christian comedian and actor Michael Jr. about the critical task of finding purpose in life and career.

The WAR ROOM actor said that while he acts and goes on tour for his comedy shows, the person on stage is the same off-stage.

“As soon as I grabbed a hold of the fact of what God did for me, really, my need for acceptance dropped significantly,” Michael Jr. told the GROWING PAINS star. “This is the beautiful thing that I was able to see in this: When people come to my events or when they even see me on the streets and approach me, they’re showing up because they want to laugh, but that’s not necessarily what they need. I’m really blessed with this ability to look through that and ask the question, ‘what is it that they really need right now?’ So when they approach me with an expectation, I can deliver that but then also we can probably go a little deeper to find out what’s really there.”

“I don’t feel any pressure, the person I am on stage is the same person I am, there’s really no difference,” he added. “I don’t get on stage and turn on a button… the only difference between when I’m on stage and off stage is when I’m on stage the goal is to continue to use the funny to help people. But when I’m not on stage I’m just looking for opportunities to help people and be of service even if I’m in my home just sitting on my couch.”

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Michael Jr., who also starred in the family-friendly comedy SELFIE DAD, said that finding purpose comes down to asking the right question.

“A lot of times when people are trying to figure out what it is you’re supposed to do or what they should be focused on, the issue is the word ‘what,'” Michael Jr. explained. “Because if you keep focusing on the mechanism it’ll be really hard to get clarity about what the thing is you should be accomplishing.”

“What I’ve learned and I tell my students this all the time, is instead of focusing on what you should do, the key is to ask the question of ‘who should you serve?'” he continued. “If you can figure out the people who you’re called to serve… your people are the people who, when you see what’s going on, when you see what’s happening to them, you say to yourself ‘somebody needs to do something about that.'”

Michael Jr. is passionate about his purpose to bring people the hope of the Gospel through his comedy and encouraged listeners to trust God with the people they choose to serve.

“What I would say to everybody watching right now is, ‘Who are your people? What is the people group that you know you’re called to?’ Don’t think about the mechanism. If you focus on the people everything else kind of falls into place because God sent his son for people, not for things, not for not for anything other than people,” he said. “Even when the Bible says you can be trusted with little, then I know I can trust you with more, the ‘more’ is people. Ask the question: Who am I supposed to serve?”


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