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Chuck Norris Praises His Mother Who ‘Prayed for Me All My Life’

Photo from Chuck Norris’ Instagram

Chuck Norris Praises His Mother Who ‘Prayed for Me All My Life’

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood legend Chuck Norris praised his 100-year-old mother ahead of Mother’s Day for the profound, faith-filled influence she has on his life.

“My mother has prayed for me all my life, through thick and thin. When I was born, I almost died from complications. When nearly losing my soul to Hollywood a few decades ago, she was back home praying for my success and salvation. She even prayed for me to find a woman to change my life, and it worked,” Norris said.

Norris shared some of his mother’s biographical information to highlight the seemingly insurmountable challenges she overcame:

My mom, Wilma Norris Knight, was born in 1921 in rural Wilson, Oklahoma, where I grew up, too. I think its population peaked back then with a whopping 1,800 people.