Corbin Bernsen Discusses New Movie WHEN WE LAST SPOKE: ‘Forgiveness is a Powerful Thing’

Corbin Bernsen Discusses New Movie WHEN WE LAST SPOKE: ‘Forgiveness is a Powerful Thing

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Corbin Bernsen, known for his roles like PSYCH and faith-based movies such as LIFE WITH DOG, will star in UPtv’s upcoming movie WHEN WE LAST SPOKE. 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads

WHEN WE LAST SPOKE follows two sisters named Juliet and Evangeline as children and 29 years later as adults. As adults, it’s been years since the sisters have spoken to one another. As children, Juliet and Evangeline had a lot of adjusting to do when their father goes off to fight in the Vietnam War. Their mother leaves them with her husband’s parents. Apparently, the mother couldn’t handle her adult responsibilities. Will their mother return? Will the family values they learn from their grandparents help them to reconcile?

WHEN WE LAST SPOKE is set for a theatrical release on Easter Sunday.  

Bensen said that one of the central themes in the movie is the power of forgiveness.  

“One of the themes that is always recurring to me is forgiveness,” Bernsen told Movieguide®. “And certainly forgiveness that leads back to family.”

“I learned forgiveness a little bit later in life,” Bernsen explained. “The power of forgiveness, it is a wonderful tool that God gives us to relieve pain and burden.”

The movie’s strong message of forgiveness and family is a theme Bernsen desires to see in many of his projects. 

“I’m always astonished by these stories you see in the news about parents who lose a son or a daughter to some ridiculous gun violence or something and, there’s always the ones that are angry to be clear and understandably, [but] then you have those who still forgive the shooter. They don’t forget but they forgive and what a wonderful way to lift the burden.”

He continued: “Love conquers all, but forgiveness is just a powerful thing. It’s one [theme] that just rings through all the films that I make.” 

The message is also timely for today as polarization increases around the world. 

“We can all use a little dose of uplifting, we could use a bit of that right now on many, many fronts,” Bernson said. “More importantly, something that really, really upsets me today is this divide that we have, left, right, conservative, liberal, christian, atheist, black, white, male, female…we’re just so divided. We’re all God’s children. I long for a day that I knew when I grew up, where we had our differences, but somehow we set them aside and still sat down at Easter Sunday dinner, we still gathered in the community.”

Bernsen is the longtime friend of Movieguide®’s Dr. Ted Baehr and has a heart for telling moral stories and acting as a bridge between Hollywood’s secular and Christian sides. 

In 2017, Bernsen explained how he lives out his faith in Hollywood at the NRB conference—view below: