Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Never ‘Doubted God,’ Even After Wife’s Death

Photo from Duane Chapman Instagram

Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Never ‘Doubted God,’ Even After Wife’s Death

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Reality TV star and personality Duane Chapman, also known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” said that despite his wife’s death, he never doubted God’s faithfulness.  Chapman lost his wife, Beth, in June of last year to stage 4 lung cancer.  

“I never doubted, OK, I don’t doubt God at all! To be surprised or to say, ‘Why is this happening to me? Why didn’t this happen?’ Yeah, that’s a normal feeling,” Chapman said. “And then you go to Scripture, and you listen to the voice in your mind that’s in your head that says, ‘This has happened for a reason.” The Bible says you’re not to know why this stuff happened. Don’t worry, this happened for a reason. So that’s what I fall back on. Rather than ‘oh, there’s no God, He don’t heal no one,’ stuff like that, because that’s not true.”

Even as Chapman trusted God, he recalled times on set shooting his new movie HUNTER’S CREED when he could not hold back his emotion.

“A lot of it was about death and what all of us felt about losing a spouse and of course, I had just went through that,” Chapman said. “That brought tears because you’re heartbroken. So they did it at a perfect timing, not that they did it and planned it like that but the producer was very smart to pick someone who had gone through that so that he had a successful show.”

According to the director, Justin Jackola, the movie addresses the frequently asked question: “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

“After losing his wife, a man reunites with his church buddies to film the hunting show they’ve always wanted to make together. Before long, he senses a dark presence in the woods eventually bringing him face to face with death — and his faith,” the synopsis reads.  

Chapman said that he understood the main character’s grief as it mirrored his life. He could connect on a personal level more than most actors.  

“I played myself; sometimes it’s harder to play yourself, I think, than it would be if I played a guy across the street,” Chapman told The Christian Post. “But I’ve heard a lot of actors say that, “Oh, that reminded me of myself, this and that, or I knew someone that that happened to.” So I think the first thing we do is have an association and then it’s easier to act.”

Chapman quoted scripture in the movie and noted God’s common grace through speech.  Chapman says that reading God’s word helped him ask the right questions to God and in his other relationships.  

“Even in the world without faith, the Bible says there are things that are a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. A form of godliness, so even motivational speakers, most of them Christian, they teach, ‘Say things, right!’ Don’t say, ‘Oh, I could go broke overnight.’ Say, ‘I’m sure that I’ll be blessed with more money.’ Chapman said. “So the tongue not only in the world, in the spiritual world, is the most important thing but also in the non-spiritual world, it’s also there. Everyone recognizes that.”

Chapman added: “A lot of happy things happen, a lot of devastation that could have been, you go to God and say, “Why in the heck [did this happen?]” You didn’t stop and say, “In Jesus’ name I bind that, I cover that with the blood.”

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