Faith Evans Returns to Stage After Stepping Away to Care for Son With Autism

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Faith Evans Returns to Stage After Stepping Away to Care for Son With Autism

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Grammy-winner Faith Evans opened up to People recently about her decision to step back from performing in order to focus on her son, who is autistic. 

“I had to put other things on hold for the sake of my children, especially when I was out very actively performing and recording and doing shows,” the singer shared. “But even if I wasn’t a performer, I’m sure I would have still made those same decisions because….if you’re coming from the right place, you can’t go wrong.”

“The fact that I know I am their No. 1 advocate and it’s absolutely necessary for me to be there, I know that I will be blessed and God will always make sure I’m okay,” she continued. “And that I’m able to come back and do things like this and maybe even to go on that tour if I wanted to.”

Evans recently starred on the MASKED SINGER, performing as the Skunk. The reality singing show gave her the perfect opportunity to step back into the spotlight, while still focusing on her son, Ryder.

“There are so many moving parts to navigate, having a child with special needs, so I chose to shut my schedule down as far as that. This was a great honor to have this opportunity [to appear on the MASKED SINGER and it’s based in L.A. and I had enough time to put things in order for someone to be at home with my son while I was working. I said, “Why not?” I’m hoping that they’ll call me back to be a guest judge or something,” she shared. 

Evans doesn’t have any plans to make new music or start touring again, due to her commitment to her family. Even with all the changes in her personal life, Evans knows that she can always find strength and comfort in her faith. 

“I also have a very strong relationship with God and I know that to whom much is given, much is required and that meaning goes a long way,” the singer said. “So I look at every obstacle, every difficult time, every trial as a blessing because He made me strong enough to get through it.”

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