Garth Brooks Thanks God and Family after BMA Win

Photo from Garth Brooks Instagram

Garth Brooks Thanks God and Family after BMA Win

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Legendary country music artist Garth Brooks received high honors at Wednesday night’s Billboard Music Awards, earning the 2020 Icon Award.  

“If I had to think of one person or one entity, it would be God Almighty, for through him all things are possible,” Brooks said. 

Fellow music entertainer Cher introduced Brooks and presented him with the award.  

“Since his debut album, it seems Garth Brooks has stood at the very top of the music world,” Cher began in her tribute to the iconic country performer. “Breaking down barriers, topping the charts and redefining the very nature of country music, both in the studio and on stage.”

Brooks also thanked his wife, Trisha Yearwood, and his three daughters. 

“I will love you for all my time on this planet,” Brooks said. “Country Radio, you gave me this! To all those people who fill those stands, thank you! Thank you for my life!”

Before presenting Brooks with the reward, Cher did not hold back in recognizing the performer’s accolades.  

“Along the way, Brooks took country music from the heartland and brought it to all America and then the world with albums and singles that dominated the charts. [Brooks has] 19 No. 1 hits, 17 No. 1 albums, and nine number ones on the Billboard 200 album chart,” Cher said.

“He sold more albums than any solo artist in the U.S. and broke the record held by The Beatles when he became the first artist in music history with seven albums selling 10 million copies each to reach Diamond Award status,” Cher added.

Cher also touched on Brooks’ ninth diamond award, which he received earlier this year, and gushed about the emotion packed into Brooks’ work. 

“Giving us songs that speak to heartache, hope, loss and love. Ones that speak to our yearning to be free and reminding us we all have friends in all types of places. With live performances that mesmerized crowds across the globe, the world has never seen a country star on the concert stage like Garth, and he brings the highest energy and the latest production to every performance,” Cher concluded. 

After his introduction, Brooks performed a classic medley fans have come to expect. Brooks’ performance included: “The Thunder Rolls,” “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “The River,” “Standing Outside the Fire,” “Dive Bar,” “Friends in Low Places,” and “The Dance.”