Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Release First Collaborative Album

Photo from Adrienne Camp Instagram

Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Release First Collaborative Album

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer 

The Christian singer-songwriter couple Jeremy and Adrienne Camp announced their first-ever collaboration in the six-song EP called The Worship Project. Although the couple played music together previously, this is the first album released from the Camps in their 16 years of marriage.  

“We’ve led worship together for years and always talked about recording something together, but it never seemed like the right timing,” Jeremy told The Christian Post. “And then the coronavirus hit.” 

The Camps’ story reached millions of viewers through the Erwin Brothers’ movie I STILL BELIEVE, which made roughly $9 million before the pandemic forced closures.  

“We were celebrating what God was doing with our story when they suddenly announced theaters were being shut down,” Jeremy said. “Not long after, we found out our tour had to be canceled. It was really difficult. It was like running 100 miles an hour and then suddenly hitting a brick wall.”

However, the couple views this time during the pandemic as a chance to encourage many hurting people to seek the Lord.

“It was obvious that people were hungry for something to uplift them during this time,” Jeremy said. “We thought, Maybe we should start putting more songs out. Almost immediately, God started giving us songs. It just kind of happened naturally. Before we knew it, we had an album. God gave us the words to sing when we were feeling down.”

Jeremy added that our circumstances should not dictate where we find our joy and gratitude. One of the Camps’ goals, aside from giving people hope during this time, is to encourage Christians to continue to pursue God and listen to what God may be trying to teach them through the pain or uncertainty.   

“The whole theme of this album is asking God to purify our hearts and teach us to walk in His ways. It’s all about gratitude and fixing our eyes on Jesus,” Jeremy said. “It’s about letting our hearts be molded and shaped into who He is. That’s when we’ll see true change in our hearts and see through the lies around us.

The six songs are full of truths from scripture, but “Father I Thank You” is especially applicable today and speaks to maintaining a glad heart through a trial. 

“It’s really easy, when you are going through trials and tribulations, to look at the negative,” Jeremy said. “This song is saying, ‘God, I thank You for this breakthrough, for what You’ve done in my life. I thank You for how You saved my soul.’ It’s the moment of understanding God’s goodness in the midst of the pain and how the Father is an embracer of His children.”

Adrienne mentioned that the time in quarantine provided the space to listen to God’s voice for many people. She hopes this album will deepen their relationships and allow people to self reflect. 

“People keep talking about the Enemy but I’ve really seen the hand of God in all of this,” Adrienne said. “It’s been a big reality check of ‘What are the relationships we’ve poured into? What are our relationships like with our husband and children we’ve had to quarantine with? What are we like without church on Sunday? Do we have a solid relationship with God?’

“We can either be super negative about the season, which really is probably really easy to do, or choose to look at these growth opportunities just with gratitude,” Adrienne continued.  

That said, the couple agreed that the pandemic shed light on everything, which may include the ugly parts of our hearts.

“Everyone keeps saying, ‘I want things to get back to normal.’ But I think we need to say, ‘I want a new normal.’ Hopefully, we are experiencing breakthroughs and resets that are so needed in our culture right now,” Jeremy said.  

The Camps stress that God should be at the center of any change that does happen. The song “We Turn Our Eyes” borrows words from the 18th-century hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” which is a call to turn back to the heart of the Gospel. The hymn remains one of Adrienne’s favorite songs that worship Jesus.  

“There’s something about getting back to the basics of our faith,” Adrienne explained. “With all the crazy messages that the world is constantly bombarding us with, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. We can bring it down to simply learning to love God and loving people around us. There’s so much beauty in simplicity. These old hymns have such solid profound truths.”

Although the Camps desire for people to take heart and have joy in this time, they recognize that some may be struggling with uncertainty and anxiety. Jeremy pointed to God’s Word and simple truths about His character to relieve some of that burden.  

“All throughout Scripture, you see He’s always the fulfillment of what we need,” Jeremy noted. “Whether we need a comforter, a provider, a shelter, a refuge, strength, truth, water or bread of life, He’s exactly what we need. My encouragement would be to go back to God’s Word and realize that He will provide whatever you are needing. He’s everything we need. He provides all the things that we need whenever we’re experiencing the emotions we’re feeling.”

Adrienne added that honesty through prayer is vital in a time where human interaction is lacking.  

“Tell the Lord about what you’re going through,” Adrienne encouraged. “I think for those that are really struggling, just know you’re not alone. There are so many people that are struggling. Know that God really is everything that you need. God has called us to live in relationship with one another. Call a friend and just be honest about where you are. Pray together. Know that this too shall pass.”

“God is big enough, Jeremy added. “He’s in control. He’s aware of what you’re going through. He is already aware of the situations around you. He’s aware of your needs, just express them.”

The Camps also encouraged couples who feel the strain quarantine puts on their relationships with their book, “In Unison.” The book talks about Jeremy and Adrienne’s relationship and the challenges and victories of their marriage. They are candid about how they have had to work with each other to build a healthy relationship, and both attribute their success to God’s hand in their lives.   

“Not every day is a honeymoon,” Adrienne admitted. “There are some days I have to go to the Lord and say, ‘I don’t have love in my heart. I need You to give me what I don’t have.’ The amazing thing about God is that He’s supernatural, which means He is above our natural abilities. That’s exactly why we need to go to Him, because in the difficulties of marriage, we don’t have that natural ability to love the way we’re supposed to.”

“God gives us supernatural abilities when we surrender everything to Him. He takes those things and replaces them with something that we didn’t have in and of ourselves. That’s the beauty of having Jesus a part of our relationships.”


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