Jeremy Renner Returns to Scene of Snowplow Injuries 5 Months After Accident

Photo from Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

Jeremy Renner Returns to Scene of Snowplow Injuries 5 Months After Accident

By Movieguide® Contributor

Five months following his accident, Jeremy Renner decided it was time to go back to the place where it all happened and spend the holiday weekend on the lake.

Renner shared a video on his Instagram that showed him driving down a winding road which overlooked Lake Tahoe. Renner implied that the visit was with his family.

He captioned the video, “Lake Tahoe / Home #family #lakeday” 

The actor also posted two pictures on his Instagram story. One picture showed two jet skis ready to be on the water and the other photo showed Renner a float a paddle board with his daughter, Ava.  

Movieguide® recently reported on Renner walking the red carpet with his daughter following the accident:  

AVENGERS star, Jeremy Renner, broke over 30 bones, had his eye pop out of his head, and his sternum completely crushed in a recent snowplow accident.   

However, Renner is on the road to recover and recently walked the red-carpet hand-in-hand with his daughter, Ava, at the premier of his new show RENNERVATIONS, on Disney+. 

Renner talked more about the accident that left him in the hospital with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. 

“It’s a snowcat, and it’s a necessity actually on the property because we’ve got so much snow up there. My mom wants to have a big old party and light it on fire… the thing’s amazing, it’s a necessity, it’s how we get to the house in these giant snowstorms, I just got to learn to drive it better,” Renner stated.   

Kimmel later said that if the roles were reversed with Renner, Kimmel would have complained and grumbled, “never getting out of bed,” but noted that Renner’s recovery has been unbelievable.   

 “It’s easy to do when you have the love and support that I have,” Renner stated. “Doing it alone would have been impossible. A lot of people, some are here, were a part of saving my life and keep me alive to breathe and move through.”   

“It took a lot of people,” Renner continued. “It starts with my family, my daughter, then a big part of my recovery was this show, it set a big milestone for me to get better, to make sure that all our hard work was not for naught. “For me, it was easy, I had somewhere to go, somewhere to point, and I had a lot of love, man.”   

Renner’s costar and best friend, Rory Millikin, expressed that Renner is “a very quiet and private person, and people don’t get to see what a huge heart he has.”   

Millikin went on to say that’s why many people stuck beside Renner when he had the accident, because “he’s worth it, he doesn’t understand how worth it that he really is.”   

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