MCFARLAND USA Screenwriter, Movieguide® Award Honoree Bettina Gilois Dies at 58

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MCFARLAND USA Screenwriter, Movieguide® Award Honoree Bettina Gilois Dies at 58

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

MCFARLAND USA screenwriter Bettina Gilois died at the age of 58. Gilois’ friend told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that Gilois died of cancer on July 5, 2020.

Gilois’s GLORY ROAD was honored as one of the Best Movies for Families by Movieguide® in 2006. Gilois was also honored at the 2016 Movieguide® Awards for her screenwriting on MCFARLAND USA for Best Movies for Mature Audiences.

“There something particularly blessed about being allowed into people’s lives and tell a story that’s based in truth,” said Gilois at the Movieguide® Awards. “Because, to glorify the achievements of someone like this team – we saw them; they were flown out for the premiere – and to see them 40 years later going on stage and get that applause and their due after so much time and to know that their lives are forever changed, it gives you so much. It’s fabulous.”

Gilois taught film screenwriting at Chapman University in southern California and had two children, Shiloh and Caliber.

THR reported more on Gilois’s accolades:

A native of Berlin who attended Columbia University, Gilois also co-wrote the 2006 feature Glory Road, about the history-making Texas Western college basketball team of the 1960s, and The Lost Wife of Robert Durst, a 2017 Lifetime telefilm that starred Katharine McPhee.

She served as a producer on Fire Birds (1990), starring Nicolas Cage, and Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole (1991).

In 2015, Gilois received her Emmy nom for co-writing Bessie, the story of legendary blues performer Bessie Smith. She shared the credit with Dee Rees, Christopher Cleveland and Horton Foote.

Deadline reported that at the time of her death, Gilois was working on a series called MUSCLE SHOALS with Johnny Depp.

Gilois used Movieguide® as a resource and said at the Movieguide® Awards, “I occasionally go online to check [] if something’s OK for the kids to watch, so we’ve always consulted it.”

Please be in prayer for Gilois’s family during this time.

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