Mr. T: ‘If I Didn’t Have God…I’d be in Prison’

Photo from Mr. T’s Twitter

Mr. T: ‘If I Didn’t Have God…I’d be in Prison’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Matt and Laurie Crouch recently caught up with actor and wrestler Mr. T on TBN’s PRAISE to hear his perspective on living a godly life.

“I think about what I’ve been through, being in this world and whatnot. If I didn’t have God, I wouldn’t be here; I’d be in prison,” Mr. T said.

The 71-year-old is known for his strong and intimidating roles in movies and TV. When controversy comes, his first instinct is to react and “crack heads.” But he shared that his Christian “advantage” is staying calm.

“[God] forgave me, and I should do good to the people who cross me,” Mr. T said in a separate interview.

“They know I can be tough, but they don’t know I could be cool instead. One of my things was to tell the kids in the hood, say remember your ABCs: always be cool,” he told the Crouchs.

Mr. T picked up his old coverless Bible and said, “This is like medicine, you know,” and shared that sometimes all people need to do is take their “medicine.”

“Belief is like an exercise…We build all this stuff up, but how [do] you build up your faith?…Each time you go through something, your belief should get stronger…like lifting weights. Start at two pounds…then get strong and strong, so every time you go into something, your faith builds,” Mr. T said as he enthusiastically pantomimed lifting weights.

Mr. T also had a simple message for viewers who have not confessed their need for Christ. All they need to do is say, “Save Me, Jesus.”

Mr. T said, “[You] don’t have to be all elaborate and all that stuff and formal what whatnot. God wants to hear from you…God knows your heart. He is waiting on you to come to him.”

In the interview, Matt interrupted and stood next to the two-time tough man competition winner. He encouraged Mr. T to smile at the camera with him.

“Did you smile?” Matt asked.

“Yeah,” replied Mr. T, completely straight-faced. “I smiled in my heart.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Mr. T’s public faith:

‘Being Invited to Preach at My Own Church Next Sunday October 9. It’s A Great Honor and A Awesome Responsibility. Which I Don’t Take Lightly. God Willing, I’ll plan to do my very Best!’ he wrote in a recent tweet…

Mr. T also shared the gospel message with his followers and encouraged them to seek Christ. Although he is vocal about his faith, Mr. T also addressed accusations that his past discredits his current faith.

‘While some are busy bringing up my past, I’ll be busy looking to my future, thanking God for His grace and His mercy. Because ‘If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature,’’ Mr. T wrote. ‘I may be wrong, but I think Jesus said, ‘Let he that is among you, that is without sin, cast the first stone.’’