NatGeo’s WELCOME TO EARTH on Disney+ Stuns With the Beauty of God’s Creation

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NatGeo’s WELCOME TO EARTH on Disney+ Stuns With the Beauty of God’s Creation

By Movieguide® Contributor

WELCOME TO EARTH is a National Geographic nature documentary, streaming on Disney+, and hosted by Will Smith. In this riveting adventure, Smith takes the viewer on a journey to all parts of the globe for a chance to experience the world in ways we may never have before. He teaches us how to see a new perspective in each episode whether it is learning to see with your ears, finding things the world has never discovered before, or learning the impressive power of animal instinct.

Every episode of WELCOME TO EARTH presents Smith with a new challenge to overcome so that he can experience the world in new ways. Each challenge is just as intimidating as the last. In the very first episode, Smith prepares himself to climb into a volcano in order to experience the feeling of sound. Episode 2 then takes him to the bottom of the ocean to see a world without color, in full color. Smith then takes us to the wild to learn about some of natures craziest animal instincts from wildebeests, sharks, and even turtles. Next we make a stop to the Sahara and learn about movement and speed on all scales, from entire mobile deserts to a catfish that can swim on land. Lastly Smith takes a look at humanity again, delving into the heart wrenching topic of fear by climbing into ice holes and whitewater rafting a river that has never been rafted before.

Each episode not only follows Smith and his adventure, but also guides the viewers through stories from all around the world. These stories consist of natural phenomena, cultural traditions, and other interesting peeks at nature and the world around us. The world has the ability to be very unique even when we aren’t able to see it yet. WELCOME TO EARTH proves this over and over again in every episode.

WELCOME TO EARTH has a predominantly romantic world view with some Christian and moral world view elements. The show pushes the viewer to be an explorer and push the boundaries of the natural world in order to gain experience and knowledge. At the end of Episode 2, Smith quotes his grand mother saying, “God places the best things in life on the other side of fear.” Each episode ends with a moral of its own, asking the viewer to take a look at the world from a new perspective and to remember that there is alway more than what meets the eye.

Welcome to Earth does have light usage of profanity and one obscenity is used, although it is bleeped out. All violence in this series relates to animals dying from natural causes or specifically a crocodile attacking a wildebeest. A couple of shots do include dead animals but only in episodes three and four. Episode one has a brief moment of shirtless men dancing in a nature ritual but that is the extent of nudity and paganism in the entire show.

This documentary came from National Geographic and it shows. The cinematography, music, and flow of the show keeps you engulfed in the beautiful and weird world we are blessed to enjoy everyday. The episodes keep moving flawlessly from story to story weaving a perfect basket of questions and answers.

Most of these elements are almost unnoticeable but will catch your eye or ear every once in a while. There are two instances of using the Lord’s name in vain and very minimal profane language other than that. A few stories include the telling of tragic events. There are some shocking scenes of animal carcasses. Additionally, there is one mention of sex, in the form of a joke, referring to sharks and turtles in episode four. This season was truly an enjoyable time and a beautiful journey to go on. Overall for WELCOME TO EARTH there is discernment required for young children.