Nathaniel Buzolic: ‘We Are Not Saved By Our Righteousness, But The Righteousness of King Jesus’

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

Nathaniel Buzolic: ‘We Are Not Saved By Our Righteousness, But The Righteousness of King Jesus’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Nathaniel Buzolic took to Instagram to share some insightful takeaways from the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament. 

Buzolic grew his social media audience to nearly 3 million followers on Instagram through his candid and truthful reflections on persecuted Christians and the hope found in God’s word.

In a recent post, Buzolic compared Jeremiah and Jesus:

Jeremiah & Jesus. Jeremiah would be called to speak to an unfaithful people – So too will Jesus. Jeremiah will call these people to repent & believe in the kingdom of God to avoid destruction – so too will Jesus. Jeremiah will live a life of hardship, sorrows, pain & rejection – so too will Jesus. Jeremiah will take no wife, or have no children among the people – nor will Jesus. Jeremiah will stand against false prophets, weak kings & spiritually bankrupted priests – so too will Jesus.

Jeremiah will prophesy about the destruction of the first temple & His prophecy will be true – so too will Jesus but this time it will be the second temple. Jeremiah will mourn & lament over the consistent unfaithfulness of God’s people – so too will Jesus. Jeremiah will address all nations, all tribes all people – so too will Jesus.

However, after the long list of comparisons, Buzolic emphasized how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and offers eternal hope for Christians today. 

“But.. God will speak to Jeremiah in parables to teach HIM – & Jesus will teach those who follow him in parables,” he explained. “Jeremiah will speak of a Good shepherd to come & Jesus will be that Good shepherd who has come. Jeremiah will speak of this righteous branch rising up out of the house of David & Jesus will be that righteous descendant from the house of David.”

“God promised to deliver Jeremiah.. to save him, despite the rejection, despite the hate, despite the attacks, despite the abuse, & despite the torture…Sound familiar?” he continued. “But in the case of Jesus add to that man’s successful attempt to end his life with crucifixion. where the priests and prophets failed with Jeremiah they seemingly won with Jesus. But… GOD DELIVERED HIS OWN SON in the most impossible of ways. Raising Him from the tomb 3 days after He took his final breathe. God vindicating Jeremiah and His words. Likewise Jesus was vindicated by His resurrection.”

The former THE VAMPIRE DIARIES actor emphasized Christ’s work on the cross and how sinners are saved through Jesus, not by what they accomplish. 

“There is no other name in heaven or on Earth that can save a man only Yeshua HaMashiach,” he said. “To quote the words of Jeremiah – ‘In His days Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell in safety; and This is His name by which He will be called: Adonai our righteousness.’ You see We are not saved by our righteousness, but rather the righteousness of King Jesus. Repent and believe for the kingdom of God is at hand.”