NBA Point Guard Ricky Rubio Says ‘Basketball Will Not Be The Priority’ Once His Son Starts School

Photo from Ricky Rubio’s Instagram

NBA Point Guard Ricky Rubio Says ‘Basketball Will Not Be The Priority’ Once His Son Starts School

By Movieguide® Staff

NBA point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers Ricky Rubio announced that he would leave the league once his son starts school.

The 31-year-old guard made headlines in his rookie year with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2011, impressing scouts and fans with his flashy assists and ability to force turnovers.

Perhaps more impressive was his career overseas before entering the NBA draft. Rubio became the youngest player in history to play in the Spanish ACB League, at just 14 years, 11 months.

Rubio also earned three FIBA Europe Young Player of the Year awards in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and won multiple EuroLeague championships, all before the age of 20.

Despite his accolades, Rubio said that family comes before his career.

“When my son starts school, the NBA will not be worth it,” Rubio said. “I will have to go back (to Spain). I don’t want to make him dizzy moving around when he’s 6 years old, at the age of starting to make friends.”

Questions regarding Rubio’s future in the NBA came after he tore his ACL in his left knee in late December in a game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

“It was discussed with my wife and we have it very clear. There will come a time when basketball will not be the priority,” the Spaniard said.

An ACL injury is no longer the career-ending injury it once was. However, Rubio suffered the same injury in 2011, which sidelined him for over a year.

Rubio’s friends and teammates reached out to pray for the guard’s recovery journey.

Donovan Mitchell, Rubio’s teammate from 2017-2019, wrote on Instagram: “Praying for you my brotha!!!”

Former Timberwolves teammate Shabazz Muhammad added: “Praying for you my guy.”

“Love you brother ❤️. God got you fam,” Timberwolves star Karl Anthony Towns encouraged.