‘Proverbs 31 Woman’: Paula Faris’ New Book Focuses on Working Moms

‘Proverbs 31 Woman’: Paula Faris’ New Book Focuses on Working Moms

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former GOOD MORNING AMERICA anchor and THE VIEW co-host Paula Faris is celebrating women’s right to work and be mothers in her new book, “You Don’t Have to Carry It All: Ditch the Mom Guilt & Find a Better Way Forward.”

“I mean, mom guilt, it’s not just for me,” Faris said of her book’s subjects. “80-90 percent of mothers suffer from some level of mom guilt. And it’s just never feeling like we’re enough, like we’re never present enough, we’re not a good enough mom. We’re always projecting some sort of guilt upon ourselves. And so much of that is because in America motherhood isn’t really celebrated and there’s not a lot of support for being a mother.”

In 2018, the TV personality was feeling overwhelmed as she tried to balance work and family. When ABC News decided not to renew her contract, Faris and her family moved to a small town in South Carolina. 

“I felt like I wasn’t seeing my husband or my kids,” Faris explained. “I wanted to be with my children. My schedule was just really crazy. I really decided to try something new which is why we blew up our lives and hit that great big reset button…and I decided to pursue a company of my own.”

Her company, Carry Media, advocates for and supports other working mothers. 

Faris calls “You Don’t Have to Carry It All” a “practical” and “tactical” look at the American family dynamic and how things work best when a husband and wife are “co-produc[ing]” together.

A summary of “You Don’t Have to Carry It All” on Faris’ website shares some of the book’s topics, including “Recognizing the history of working moms in America and its lasting impact in society…Understanding how motherhood has scientifically improved the minds and capabilities of women, giving them an advantage in the workplace…Showing moms how to link arms, not only with each other, but also with men–at work and at home, [and] Proving why corporate America is better with moms at the helm and how to best advocate for mothers in the workplace.”

Faris also pointed to scripture that supported this idea of parents co-producing. 

“I learned that the Proverbs 31 woman, who we often reduce to a domestic housewife, was actually a skilled businesswoman, a negotiator, the security of her community was on her shoulders,” Faris shared. “She was a manager, she bought a field with her earnings. So often we have weaponized work as if this isn’t part of God’s plan and that’s not the case. And that’s where I think the church can do a lot better is just celebrate, look, the best families are when both the mother and the father are actively involved. We’re raising the children together. We’re co-producing.”

Faris concluded, “At the end of the day, what I’m trying to do, yes, advocate for mothers in the workforce, but I’m really hoping that it strengthens families.”

The book is also something Faris felt called by God to do. 

“God made it pretty clear I was supposed to do this, so I just did the next right thing and the next right thing,” she said in an interview with Baptist News. “I’m just taking one more step, and I’m stepping into my fear, and I’m stepping into my faith in highlighting motherhood. It’s my calling.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Faris:

ABC News journalist Paula Faris, best known for her hosting roles on THE VIEW and GOOD MORNING AMERICA WEEKEND, said she wants to focus on her Christian faith. 

Faris is the founder of CARRY Media, which works to “amplify the story of the working mom,” and hosts THE PAULA FARIS: FAITH & CALLING PODCAST. 

“Wherever I’m called, my purpose is truly to love God love people and shine my light,” she said.

Faris revealed on her podcast that her priority is her family, which inspired her to start CARRY. 

“Our family is first. I’m able to be a mom first,” she said. “And my hustles then fit into that.”

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