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Singer LeAnn Rimes Calls People to ‘Love One Another’ in New Album, ‘God’s Work’

Photo from LeAnne Rimes’ Instagram

Singer LeAnn Rimes Calls People to ‘Love One Another’ in New Album, ‘God’s Work’

By Movieguide® Staff

Country superstar LeAnn Rimes is releasing her latest album, God’s Work, early next year and fans can’t wait! The singer has been working on the record for the last three years on what Rimes calls “an inspirational record.”

In an interview with Fox News, Rimes shared, “I actually have ‘God’s Work’ tattooed on my arm because I do believe that we are all a part of that and here to put down the doctrine and our own beliefs of duality and our differences and actually love one another and create a new world. And that really is what the record is about – music speaking to the times and the importance of each and every one of our places in creating a better world for one another.”

The singer has been open about her faith, recording contemporary Christian albums and discussing her commitment to leading a faith-based life on her website, Soul of EverLe.

Rimes doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, writing about how difficult it can be to lead a godly life, and how we have to continue to spread love.

“Can you turn your eyes and your heart towards the pain while also holding the deep knowing of a better day? Can you hold both selfishness (centered in self) and selflessness at the same time?” she wrote in a blog post earlier this year. “Can you trust, moment to moment and become a vessel for the divine to work through? Can you share your gifts with the world without second guessing, without shame? Can you reach out and connect? With yourself? With others? With those who you do not understand? As I write that my mind instantly points out how difficult that is, but the heart knows it’s possible.”

The singer updates her website regularly with posts about love, acceptance, vulnerability and embracing every part of yourself.

In addition to singing, songwriting and drafting articles, Rimes made time to appear on Fox’s THE MASKED SINGER. She competed as Sun, and even won the competition, taking home the Golden Mask trophy.

Rimes hopes that listeners will pick up on the themes of vulnerability in the album, saying, “I get to use my voice in different ways to connect with people. I feel like what I’m here to do, you know, like the celebrity and the music and all of that is an added bonus to what we’re really here to do with each other, right? [We’re here] to connect and for that vulnerability to be what connects us.”