Social Media Platforms Ban Christians For Disagreeing With Transgender Ideology

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Social Media Platforms Ban Christians For Disagreeing With Transgender Ideology

By Movieguide® Staff

Facebook banned a Christian university professor after he vocalized his disagreement with President Joseph Biden’s executive order, allowing trans-identifying individuals to serve in the U.S. military. Then, Twitter suspended the account of Christian magazine The Daily Citizen for saying Biden’s transgender nominee is a man who believes he’s a woman.

Facebook barred Robert Gagnon, a New Testament theology professor at Houston Baptist University and scholar of sexuality, from his Facebook account for 24 hours after defending a friend who disagreed with Biden’s executive order.

The Christian Post reports that Facebook locked Gagnon out of his account due to violation of “Community Standards on violence and incitement,” Facebook notified Gagnon.

According to PJ Media, Gagnon posits that the executive order endangers women. Gagnon claims that transgenderism allows males into female athletics and shelters. Gagnon said the real danger of the transgender ideology is that it forces people to reject basic human biology.

“There was absolutely no incitement to violence on our part. We abhor violence done to any person,” Gagnon told PJ Media. “This is just a thinly veiled and pathetic excuse for censorship of any critical views toward trans-tyranny over our consciences, religion, and reason.”

Gagnon added: “Only one point of view is being allowed. Trump was not the great danger to the Republic. Left-wing canceling is.”

Facebook lifted Gagnon’s suspension after 24 hours. Gagnon posted on his page: “We are in the midst of rapidly accelerating public censorship of our views (with compelled speech) but we are not the victims. Neat trick.”

Gagnon’s initial comment was in defense of Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute.

Higgins, whom Facebook banned for seven days, expressed her frustration at Biden’s order, saying that it would endanger women who signed up to serve in the Armed Forces by forcing them to shower and bunk with men. Higgins called the transgender ideology a “cult” whose goal is to spread “alchemical pseudo-science” worldwide “before the truth can pull up its pants.”

Miriam Ben-Shalom, the first lesbian to be reinstated to the U.S. Army after her dismissal from service based on her sexuality, echoed Higgin’s concerns.

“Military women already face difficulties when they serve — witness the recent spate of murders and the shocking statistics on rape in the military. Now, men have had the lack-witted brainlessness to add to the burden of military women. And wait until a female to trans wants to serve in the men’s barracks. What will the military do when such a woman is raped or assaulted — or killed?” Ben-Shalom told the Christian Post.

“This is pandering to a community that has many, many problems in terms of mental health and stability. This is pandering to Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Money,” Ben-Shalom added.

What’s more, Twitter also punished the Christian magazine, The Daily Citizen, for tweeting that Rachel Levine, Biden’s pick for assistant health secretary “is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman,” along with a link to an article about the nomination.

The Daily Citizen recaps the incident this way:

The Daily Citizen is not able to access its Twitter account until it deletes the original tweet, even though Twitter has already removed the post and replaced it with a notice stating that the “tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

The linked story from The Daily Citizen was published on January 19 and is titled, “Biden to Nominate Controversial Transgender Doctor for Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary.” Numerous other media outlets similarly reported on the story.

Paraphrasing from the first paragraph of the story, the apparently controversial tweet said, “On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden announced that he had chosen Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of HHS. Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

In an email to The Daily Citizen, Twitter wrote, “Hi The Daily Citizen, your account, @FocusCitizen has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: Violating our rules against hateful conduct. You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

“Please note that repeated violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account,” the email warned. “Proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.”

Upon doing so, Twitter prompts The Daily Citizen to “Remove [the] tweet.”

The only other option given to The Daily Citizen was to appeal the decision.“If you feel that your account has been locked in error, you can appeal by contacting our support team,” Twitter said.

Though the magazine did appeal the ban, Twitter maintains The Daily Citizen violated its policies.

“At this point, The Daily Citizen has two options. Either accede to Twitter’s tyrannical demands and delete a factually true tweet or refuse to bow under pressure and continue to be locked out of our account indefinitely,” the company said.

Furthermore, Twitter also locked Dr. Michael Brown out of the platform. Brown is a Christian commentator who runs the “AskDrBrown” blog, and his columns are syndicated across multiple Christian outlets.

Brown writes:

I was informed that I had been locked out my account for 12 hours because of this tweet, which had been posted on January 20: “Will I get punished by Twitter for saying that, in God’s sight, ‘Rachel’ Levine (nominated by Biden to be his assistant secretary for HHS) is a man?”

Yes, that was the offending tweet. It looks like Twitter answered my question!

When biological truth conflicts with transgender activism, biological truth is banned.

When biblical truth conflicts with transgender activism, biblical truth is banned.

Social media’s censorship of anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints will undoubtedly, bleed from politics into biblical truths. It is vital for Christians to stand up for what God says about human biology and sexuality as pressure from the government, big tech, and the world increases.

As Brown puts it: “In the end, Twitter may suspend me or block me (and countless others). But they cannot change the truth.”

That truth is something Jeffrey McCall holds to in his daily life. McCall previously identified as transgender and performed under the name Scarlet. When McCall came to Christ, he stopped living as transgender. Now, he speaks out against the danger of promoting transgender ideologies.

“As someone who previously lived transgender until my encounter with Jesus Christ, I would have to say that we must speak up against these policies that we know harm people,” McCall tells Movieguide®. “The male body is not naturally made to have female hormones pumped into the body nor the female body to have male hormones pumped into it.

“When we do this to our bodies that God created, it can bring damage and psychological harm also. I believe as Christians we must continue to stand for biblical truth. Former transgenders must speak up against these policies. The Bible ask us to expose evil and so we must speak up and expose these things,” McCall says.

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