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By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG director Jeff Fowler and writer Chris Bremner will team up to bring MGM’s Pink Panther back to the big screen.

Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who are the names behind the ALADDIN live-action remake, will produce the newest installation in the Pink Panther franchise.

Julie Andrews will join the production team. The screen icon was married to Blake Edwards, who co-wrote and directed the 1963 original PINK PANTHER and all subsequent Panther franchise movies during the 20th century.

Walter Mirisch, who also worked on the original launch of the long-running series, will executive produce.

“Popular the world over, the legacy of the iconic Pink Panther has endured for more than 50 years and continues to be discovered by new generations,” Michael De Luca, MGM Film Group chairman, and Pamela Abdy, MGM Film Group president, said in a statement. “We are so happy to come together with Jeff, Chris, Larry, Julie, Dan, Jonathan, Walter and Ryan to bring one of MGM’s most well-loved franchises back to the big screen and in a way audiences have never seen before.”

The Pink Panther is an iconic franchise known for two distinct concepts. First is the comical adventures of bumbling Inspector Clouseau, whose initial movie featured a case that involved a jewel called the Pink Panther. Second is the cartoon character depiction of a pink panther who first appeared in the opening credits.

However, since then, the cartoon character became extremely popular and inspired several cartoon series in the decades following the movie’s original release.

Despite all of the traction, the two concepts never merged. However, Fowler’s newest retelling will try to accomplish just that, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fowler, whose SONIC THE HEDGEHOG grossed over $306 million worldwide earlier this year, could be the perfect fit to blend live-action and animation. In his directorial debut, Fowler extolled family and moral values in his characters. Movieguide® is hopeful that the upcoming Pink Panther movie follows suit.

Movieguide® also awarded REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER producer Ken Wales with Movieguide®’s Special Award For Lifetime Achievement.

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