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Teaser Trailer for WHEN HOPE CALLS Features First Look At Lori Loughlin

Screenshot from GAC Family YouTube

Teaser Trailer for WHEN HOPE CALLS Features First Look At Lori Loughlin

By Movieguide® Staff

WHEN CALLS THE HEART fans are in for a treat this holiday season as Lori Loughlin returns in Season 2 of the spinoff WHEN HOPE CALLS CHRISTMAS.  

In a first-look preview for the new season, Loughlin is seen alongside Carter Ryan. 

Based on the popular Hallmark series, the first part of the two-part debut event will premiere on the new GAC Family network on Dec. 18.   

“In this two-part season premiere, the residents of Brookfield come together to celebrate Christmas alongside some familiar visitors,” GAC Family’s YouTube reads. 

Deadline reported: 

When Hope Calls, which films in Ontario, Canada, is set in Brookfield, a town on the western prairie. In When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 1, Brookfield hosts a Christmas festival as one of three contenders in Harper’s Bazaar’s search for America’s #1 Country Christmas Town. The entire town is preoccupied with creating the essence of Christmas for the photojournalist’s lens, though, behind the scenes, residents are not living the spirit of the season. In the midst of the fuss, a stagecoach appears, and out steps Abigail Stanton and her son, Cody (Carter Ryan), who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian’s (Morgan Kohan) orphanage.

Movieguide® previously reported: 

Hallmark and fans of WHEN CALLS THE HEART had to say goodbye to actress Lori Loughlin due to her college admissions scandal and prison sentence.

However, after Loughlin’s release and news that a federal judge in Boston granted her travel permissions, fans will have an answer – Loughlin is reprising her role as Abigail in Season 2 of the WCTH spin-off, WHEN HOPE CALLS.