THE BLIND Extends Theatrical Run: ‘Thankful’

Photo from THE BLIND Movie’s Instagram

THE BLIND Extends Theatrical Run: ‘Thankful’

By Movieguide® Contributor 

The DUCK DYNASTY family’s movie THE BLIND will extend its theatrical run for another weekend due to its continued success at the box office. 

Phil Robertson, the Robertson family patriarch and inspiration for the movie, expressed his gratitude to fans on Instagram.

“We thank God for every meal to remind us to be thankful for everything,” he wrote. “Right now, we are thankful to all of you who have helped our story stay in theaters for yet another week. Looks like we’ll be there through the weekend, so don’t miss your chance to see it on the big screen.”

Many fans and followers commented on their love for the film. 

“Haven’t been to the movies in about a decade. I don’t care for the theaters anymore. This movie was the exception. Great movie and even greater message,” one fan wrote. 

Another follower wrote, “It was such a good movie! I know it was a hard thing to relive your past on the big screen but you did it graciously and in a way for the gospel to be spread to a world that desperately needs it. Thank you.”

Part of Movieguide®’s review reads: 

THE BLIND refers to a duck blind where his friend, Al, and Phil Robertson are hunting in 1985. Phil tells Al his Christian testimony. The movie cuts to 1958 when Phil is a little boy. Phil’s father worked in the oil fields, away from home for long periods. As a youngster, Phil goes hunting and fishing to bring food home for his family. Phil’s mother has psychotic experiences where she just gets angry at everything and is hauled off by police several times. Phil’s only blessing is Kay. They know in high school they’re destined for each other. Phil gives up a football scholarship to marry Kay. His excessive drinking leads to a downward spiral. Kay gives Phil an ultimatum, but can he change?

In its first weekend, THE BLIND earned $4.1 million, securing a No. 5 finish at the box office for its opening. 

Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson’s son and producer of THE BLIND, responded to the outpouring of love for the film. 

“The response has been phenomenal,” Willie said, per the Shreveport Times. “Stories are starting to pour in of standing ovations, baptisms and post-movie gatherings all over the country.

“We feel with our limited theaters and hardly any push from mainstream media we are doing great,” he added. “It’s been a real grassroots effort from everyday people who are getting the word out that THE BLIND is an inspirational message of hope. It’s awesome that so many people are coming out to theaters to see this incredible redemption story.”

“We’re grateful that thousands are leaving theaters with renewed hope and a sense that it’s not too late to turn their lives around,” Willie continued. “We’ve been flooded with stories of people watching THE BLIND and realizing their marriages and their children aren’t beyond hope. I want everyone to know what that’s like.”

“Everyone loves a good origin story and a great redemption story. This one’s got it all: action; drama; love; ducks. If not for what happens in this movie, my life would have looked completely different. My parents are living proof of the power of the Gospel. With Jesus, anyone can change,” he concluded. 

Since the release of THE BLIND, lives have changed. Movieguide® reported on 70 homeless people who viewed the film and then were baptized. 

Christian leader Ethan Drum played the movie for the homeless and witnessed a miraculous response.

“I was like, ‘Why don’t we just bring the movie theater to them?’” he said, per Faithwire. “And so [I] called a friend of mine who owned a production company.”

Many came to view the movie, and 70 people accepted Christ and decided to get baptized. The movie, which portrays Robertson’s struggle with alcohol, infidelity and addiction before finding Jesus, rang true with many viewers.

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