Homeless, Addicts Baptized After Seeing Phil Robertson’s THE BLIND

Photo from THE BLIND Movie’s Instagram

Homeless, Addicts Baptized After Seeing Phil Robertson’s THE BLIND

By Movieguide® Contributor 

DUCKY DYNASTY patriarch Phil Robertson’s biopic THE BLIND continues to transform lives as many viewers are baptized after seeing the movie.

Christian leader Ethan Drum played the movie for the homeless and witnessed a miraculous response.

“I was like, ‘Why don’t we just bring the movie theater to them?’” he said, per Faithwire. “And so [I] called a friend of mine who owned a production company.”

Many came to view the movie, and 70 people accepted Christ and decided to get baptized. The movie, which portrays Robertson’s struggle with alcohol, infidelity and addiction before finding Jesus, rang true with many viewers.

Robertson recorded a special message for Drum’s audience.

“[He was] like, ‘Hey, this movie is about me. If anyone should be embarrassed, I should — and, by the way, I was where you were at, and now I’m not,’” Drum recounted, noting the movie truly connected to those struggling with addiction, homelessness and other issues. 

“There was crying, laughing, gasping. The movie had such an impact, because they were like…‘He didn’t actually go back to drugs and alcohol. It actually did change; he finally did stop, and maybe I can stop too,’” he shared. 

Students at The University of Mount Olive were also baptized after seeing the movie.

“The University of Mount Olive (UMO) reports that 11 students gave their lives to Christ after enjoying a special screening last week. And 30 others were baptized and worshipped until midnight on the school’s campus,” CBN reported.

The university’s campus pastor, Matt Sharp, expressed his excitement over the response.

“I’m speechless about what took place last night. I’m so excited this morning that if you see me jumping for joy on campus today, you will know why! I’m here to say God is up to something at UMO,” Sharp said.

Robertson took to Instagram to share his amazement about what is taking place from his story.

“If anything brings me to tears, this is it. I’ve baptized a lot of people in the name of Jesus. But in 50 years, the one thing I’ve never seen is young people getting baptized right after seeing a movie,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Part of Movieguide®’s review for THE BLIND reads: 

THE BLIND refers to a duck blind where his friend, Al, and Phil Robertson are hunting in 1985. Phil tells Al his Christian testimony. The movie cuts to 1958 when Phil is a little boy. Phil’s father worked in the oil fields, away from home for long periods. As a youngster, Phil goes hunting and fishing to bring food home for his family. Phil’s mother has psychotic experiences where she just gets angry at everything and is hauled off by police several times. Phil’s only blessing is Kay. They know in high school they’re destined for each other. Phil gives up a football scholarship to marry Kay. His excessive drinking leads to a downward spiral. Kay gives Phil an ultimatum, but can he change?

Movieguide® previously reported that THE BLIND landed in the top five at the box office during its opening: 

THE BLIND landed at No. 5 at the box office this weekend, scoring the No. 1 spot on its opening day.  

The movie tells the true story of DUCK DYNASTY patriarch Phil Robertson, describing how God transformed and redeemed his life.

When the film opened Thursday, it brought in $839k according to Box Office Pro. The website shared that “In its first full weekend, it earned $4.1M for fifth place, a top five debut that few saw coming.”

This take is impressive because of THE BLIND’s limited release, reaching only 1,717 theaters nationwide. For reference, PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE took $23M but is playing in 3,989 theaters, per Box Office Pro. 

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