THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES Actor Shares How Faith Saved His Life

THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES Actor Shares How Faith Saved His Life

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Paul-Mikél Williams says he wanted to appear in a movie about miracles because he experienced one in his own life.

“I was born by C- section, and the doctor said that my lungs weren’t fully operating right and I wasn’t going to make it,” Williams says. “The only thing that [my mother, her family, and friends] could do about the situation was praying that I would make it through. They said that they rescanned [me] and went to my Mom and said, ‘Ok, this has never happened before, but he’s perfectly normal like nothing ever happened.’”

In THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES, Williams plays Mark, a boy who is paralyzed from the waist down. When a little girl prays for him, he’s able to walk for the first time in a year.

“I love Mark because of his connection to Sara, the main character, played by my good friend Austyn Johnson. I love the connection and relationship they have because it’s established early that they’ve been friends for a long time. Mark, his faith has diminished over time because of all these earthly things. Doctors said that he’s not going to walk again. Then as you get further into the story, his faith starts building to the point where he asks Sara if she can pray for him. That’s one of the turning points in the movie that I love because it’s their relationship that conveys the movie’s premise and the moral of the film,” Williams says.

Williams also practices his faith off-screen, as well.

“Faith has got me through many things in this business, and I still pray before each of my auditions. I pray for the Lord to guide me on my path to what’s right and what isn’t right, and show me if this is mine and show me if it isn’t. Faith plays a role in my life, like number one,” Williams says.

He continued:

I wouldn’t be in the business without my faith. I had gone maybe two or so years without booking anything, and I was at the point of quitting. I was sent a co-lead role for the movie THE 15:17 TO PARIS but I wanted to quit. Not only was the movie also faith-based, but no matter how much I wanted to quit, my Mom just kept saying, ‘We need to pray on this thing.’ I was like ‘No, I don’t want to pray on it,’ and she said, ‘If you pray on this one time, if you don’t book this job, then we’ll quit, we’ll just stop where we are, and you’ll go back to being a regular preteen.’ I prayed for a long period of time, I’d say maybe three to four hours that day because I was looking for an answer. I had always struggled with my faith because sometimes it doesn’t feel like God’s listening to you, and it took me a long time to realize this, just because he’s not talking doesn’t mean he’s not listening. Once I went in for that audition two days later, I booked it without even getting a callback.  The same thing with this project, I’ve wrestled with wanting to quit for a while just because the business [is] competitive.  But going back to always praying and keeping my faith in knowing the Lord was going to do something. Sometimes after prayer, there’s always a sign that the Lord gives pointing you in the right direction, and it may not be obvious, but he’s showing you in some shape, form, or fashion.

In order to maintain his strong relationship with God, the actor says he attends a weekly Bible study in Hollywood. He also hopes to do more faith-based movies soon.

THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES is one of the most inspirational movies this year.

According to the Movieguide® review:

THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES introduces a girl named Sara who has a strong Christian faith. Sara finds out she can perform miracles after she prays to God to heal a dead bird. Throughout the movie, Sara heals injured animals, blind children and children who are paralyzed or gravely sick. Sara’s family becomes concerned when Sara falls ill and faints. They find out Sara has an inoperable brain tumor that could take her life. After performing many miracles in her community, Sara will need a miracle to survive. 

THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES is entertaining, emotional and inspirational. The cast is phenomenal. They do a great job representing the walk of faith in the characters they portray. THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES reignites the spark of faith through a strong Christian worldview stressing goodness, prayer, family, hope, and miracles. Sara heals animals and injured children, recounts Biblical stories such as Lazarus, and has hope and faith even in her darkest hour. Families will enjoy THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES, which reminds us that anything is possible with God. 

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