Tobias Menzies of THE CROWN Talks About Season Four, What’s Next for Him

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Tobias Menzies of THE CROWN Talks About Season Four, What’s Next for Him

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Tobias Menzies chatted with Deadline about THE CROWN season four and what’s next for him in the entertainment world.

Menzies, who portrays Prince Philip in popular Netflix drama series, was nominated for the Grace Prize® at the 28th Annual Movieguide® Awards for his role on the show.

Menzies also earned a Golden Globe nomination and is hoping for an Emmy nomination for his role as the Duke of Edinburgh.

One of the shows episodes from season three, MOONDUST, also received a Movieguide® Awards nomination for its faith content.

Season four of the series wrapped in the U.K. just before the coronavirus pandemic shut down production.

Menzies explained what viewers can expect from the upcoming episodes.

“The kids start to come into the foreground. Charles comes into the foreground, Diana is a big part of Season 4,” he said.

THE CROWN also introduces Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister.

“She is the most divisive political figure that the show has had to represent thus far,” Menzies said of the new character, even though Prime Minister Thatcher saved England from bankruptcy, rebuilt the economy and was one of the three people, including President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul, who help end the Cold War with the Soviet Union and bring about its collapse with firing a shot.

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As the British actor prepares for his time on THE CROWN to come to an end this fall, he talked about what’s up next for him.

Menzies stars in THIS WAY UP, a sitcom series about a young woman who puts her life back together after a nervous breakdown.

Movieguide® hasn’t seen the show, so we can’t comment on its quality or acceptability.

Menzies has also spent some time in the theater. He may grace the stage once again in a play called The Hunt, which doesn’t have any connections to the movie THE HUNT (2020).

He says the play has “been invited to the Adelaide Festival next year,” and could possibly be seen at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn.

The actor just signed with WME here in the U.S. and hopes to find his way to the big screen.

“That’s the one I have done the least of and would like to work with some writer-directors — people who are a bit more authorial,” he explains. “I have been trying to watch the work of some exciting filmmakers.”

Season four of THE CROWN is expected to drop at the end of this year. Movieguide® reminds readers we haven’t seen the next season and can’t comment on its quality or acceptability, but we will keep you updated!


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